گرانی بنزین و خشم توده ها!     Womens of 8 March Organization (Iran, Afghanistan)
Tuesday 10th of December 2019
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»   žžžPatriarchy is the basis of rape and violence against women!   January 2013
»   Britain, Sharia Law and subjugation of Women   November 2012
»   No one is free and emancipated if even one woman is oppressed!   November 2012
»   On occasion of the 24th anniversary of massacre of political prisoners in Iran   September 2012
»   Smash the Anti-Afghan Campaign of the Islamic Republic of Iran!   July 2012
»   The sad loss of Azar Darakhshan (Mehry AliMalayeri)   May 2012
»   The sad loss of Azar Darakhshan   May 2012
»   The Separation of Religion from the State and the Overthrow of the Anti-Woman Islamic Regime in Iran is the First Step toward Women’s Emancipation!   March 2012
»   Violence against Women is Part of the Ruling Patriarchal System!   November 2011
»   We neither forgive nor forget! Break the prison walls!   September 2011
»   Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran: To harass and intimidate the People   June 2011
»   Resolution „About the future of the militant world women   April 2011
»   Sisters It is a century since we celebrate 8th March, the International Women’s Day.   March 2011
»   On The Centenary Of International Women’s Day, We Are All Rebellious Women!   February 2011
»   Let’s commemorate hundredth anniversary of the international woman’s day   February 2011
»   Solidarity with the Students’ Struggle in the UK!   December 2010
»   We stand besides all the struggles and resistances of women’s against violence in any part of the world!   November 2010
»   Condemn the Torture and Murder of Iranian people Fight to free all political prisoners in Iran!   September 2010
»   Death by stoning for Iranian women: the essence of the Islamic Republic   July 2010
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