Hello everyone,


Hello everyone,


We are here today to support 30 years of Iranian women’s struggle against Islamic regime of Iran.


Our hearts beat with our Iranian sisters and we can extend our struggle with women solidarity.


In New York 153 year ago, women textile workers were engaged in a fiery struggle.  In recognition of their continuing struggle and the struggle of all women, International Women's Day was established, on the initiative of Clara Zetkin. Since that time, 100 years have past. But struggle still continue. I now salute you on behalf of the women who are struggling in Turkey and North Kurdistan. 


As a woman when I talk to you, I definitely know that our problem is essentially the same everywhere. However, the struggle in each country has its own specific features like Turkey. The basis of the women's question and the male domination system is private property. This is not only true for Turkey but for the whole world too. The international women's movement has therefore to fight to end the system of private property. We, as women, face the oppression of the reactionary Islamic tradition, honour killing and sexual assault. It is  seen as quite legitimate to engage in all kinds of oppression of women.  Women have always been seen as second class in this society. Their role in society is ignored by male domination. Wherever we go we face violence. 


However, women are struggling against these terrible problems. We lost many women in Turkey and North Kurdistan in the process of this battle against exploitation and for the possibility of a new world.  


We strongly believe that, when women are aware of their power and capability, then they will be ready to achieve liberation. Women should not accept a few crumbs and not allow themselves to get sucked into the system. we have to fight for the goal of a different world, shoulder to shoulder with our male comrades. But always several steps ahead. We have to be at the forefront of the battle for our liberation. What we say is we have be the subjective force leading the struggle everywhere. And women, along with their male comrades, can make not only themselves free but all society.


We therefore, as all feminist communist women, need to build International Women's Solidarity and struggle together shoulder to shoulder.


We therefore have raised the slogan “In every different country, we are the same because we are women”  


 Down with Islamic Regime of Iran!


Long live International Women's day!


Long live 8th March, International Women’s Day, on Its 100th anniversary!


Long Live International Women's Solidarity!


Democratic Women’s Movement in Europe