*Invitation to protest Against the trip to Belgium of Rouhani, a representive of the oppressive and misogynist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran end March 2016 **

 Announcement Number 1

*Invitation to protest

Against the trip to Belgium of Rouhani, a representive of the oppressive and misogynist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran
end March 2016 **

Freedom-loving men and women!

This top representative           of the theocratic regime in Iran and the first Islamic state(ISIS) in the Middle East is coming to Belgium in order to strengthen the unhidden political relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the imperialists, including through a pledge of loyalty and good service by the Iranian regime to any destructive and plundering plans of the world powers.

Rouhani is a representative of a regime that has turned Iran into a prison-house of nations. He will come to Belgium to sign and endorse new contracts to heighten the imposition of neoliberal economic policy, signed between the Islamic Republic and Imperialists to increase the poverty and misery of Iran’s people, intensifying the subordination of women, draining the spirits of the country’s exhausted workers. These contracts not only represent an alliance with the government that holds the record for executions in today’s world, but are also an affirmation of all this regime’s crimes over the inglorious 37 years of its life.

While the imperialists are taking on the Islamic Republic regime as a new ally in the region, the majority of the Iranian people will never forget or forgive the pressure of the obligatory “hejab”; the hundreds of medieval laws; the scarring acid attacks on women for being “anti-hejab”; the endless repression, torture and genocide; the massacre of thousands of Communists, revolutionaries and progressives political prisoners in 1981 and 1987; the bloody suppression in Turkman Sahara and Kurdistan; the repression of the social movements and protests of women, workers, students, teachers, and oppressed nationalities, and the arrest and torture of activists in these movements; the kidnapping and murder of dissidents and writers and bloggers; executions of gays, religious minorities and young people from the lower classes ... all of which has been done on the basis of Islamic Sharia law.

https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifWe invite all freedom-loving men and women to join with us to give sound to the voices of the oppressed Iranian women!

We invite all freedom-loving men and women to help give voice to the militant workers and youth and to the poor, suppressed nations of the world so as to shout more loudly!

Stand by our sides to denounce this reactionary link between the Islamic Republic of Iran and imperialism that will do nothing but strengthen the foundation of Islamic fundamentalism and imperialism and lead to more suppression and imprisonment for more people in Iran and in the world!

Stand by our sides to expose how Belgian imperialism is going to unite with the oppressive Iranian regime just to obtain more political and economic benefits!

Join with us to rip off the imperialists’ mask of “Human Rights and Democracy” and shout that all their claims are just a deception to gain more profits!

Unite in an internationalist struggle to accelerate the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and its Imperialist supporters and establish a new society completely void of oppression and exploitation!

Move heaven from the cradle to the grave to reveal the collaboration and complicity of the European imperialists and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The 8th of March Women's Organization (Iran and Afghanistan) and the Youth Committee of Belgium invite all parties, organizations, Iranian and non-Iranian organizations and individuals, to take part in this united struggle.

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*The Lists of sponsors as well as the time and place of the protest will be announced in the next proclamation.

** According to the latest official news, Iranian President Rouhani will come to Brussels in late March 2016.