In Solidarity with “NO! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE TO Accept a Fascist America!”

In Solidarity with

“NO! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE TO Accept a Fascist America!”


We all know that 20th January Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the president of the US. This has concerned hundreds of million not only in the US but also all over the world.

Trump based his electoral campaign on male supremacy, white supremacy, national chauvinism, the threat of attacking refugees and Muslims and the nuclear arm race. So degrading women, humiliating gays, racism and discrimination against non-whites, oppressing other nations and religions, threat of another nuclear arm race and as a result the threat of a dangerous and destructive war with weapons of mass destruction is an integrated part of his programs. He has also promised to greatly increase the Co2 emissions and is threatening the whole planet and the life of the next generations too.

He has gathered the most backward, outmoded and reactionary values and ideas to constitute the kind of rule he is planning for: fascism. This is how a representative of a capitalist imperialist is planning to rule the US and oppress and exploit other countries and follow its global interest. The rule that would be a threat to humanity and the whole planet and can match with Germany Nazi nonetheless with access to much more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

We are extremely disgusted by the way that the women have been humiliated and degraded by  someone who is going to rule over the most powerful country in the world.

The Iranian women have had the experience of a theocratic regime that came to power based on religion and backward and anti-women values. Many did not believe that such a backward idea against women would be possible to enforce. But the compulsory veil for women immediately after they took the power was the first attack against women’s right that gave rise to days of protests of tens of thousands women in Tehran. The regime relying on its conservative bases from one side and dismissing the seriousness of these attacks as trivial and secondary by many including the progressive and revolutionary forces from the other side undermined the support that the women’s movement needed and deserved. The religious anti-woman regime in Iran continued to increase the pressure on women and increasingly deprived them from other social activities. The attack against women in a short time extended to attack against the national minorities, and then restriction of individual rights and attacking religious minorities, communists and other opposition’s group continued until the point to imprison torture and execute tens of thousands of members and supporters of revolutionary organisations and other opposition groups and the reign of terror that still continues.

Women have since been resisting and fighting with rise and fall this anti-women regime. We Iranian women are well aware that our liberation depends on our struggle for a revolutionary overthrow of this fundamentalist Islamic regime. 

 We fully and deeply understand what the degradation of women means. We can feel the pain of discrimination whether imposed on women or on any other sections of the society.

We would like to express our full appreciation to your effort to organise and unite all those who cannot stand aside and see a fascist America is taking form.

We totally support your fight and struggle to unite and organise the people from all walks of society, to stop, a regime headed by Trump/Pence to take control and carry on with a truly horrendous program.

No matter where we are, we greatly feel the threat that Trump/Pence and their clique are imposing not only to the US but to the world as a whole and cannot remain indifferent but are determined to be part of the fight.

This is our duty to fight against oppression of women, against the racism, and against inciting hate and fear on refugees and the people from different race and religion.

This is our duty to do whatever we can to stop the madness drive to nuclear arm race and the threat it poses to humanity and the planet as a whole.

All these at the present situation are tied to refuse and resist a fascist America.

Your struggle against a fascist America headed by Trump/Pence is our struggle and the struggle of all the revolutionaries and freedom lovers of the world and those who are struggling for a world without oppression and exploitation.

On 20th January we will be with you and millions of people in the US and all over the world and determined to refuse to accept fascism.

Your Struggle is Our Struggle


8 March Women Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)