We will be out to the streets on 20th January!

We will be out to the streets on 20th January!





On 20th January Donald Trump the representative of the US capitalist -imperialists system which is oppressing and exploiting not only the people in the US but on a world scale by wars and invasions  to pursue its global interests will be inaugurated.

 8 March Women's Organisation in solidarity with the campaign " No! in the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascists America!" in Europe and Canada and wherever  is possible will mobilise and participate in the protest. we will be next to millions of outraged people in the US and all over the world to fight the fascist Trump/Pence gang.

Today the fight against the naked fascist Trump/Pence in the US is the struggle of all revolutionaries and freedom fighters and all those who are struggling to fight a world without oppression and exploitation. Join this protest wherever you can.


U.S :

Time: Friday 20th January at 10 am.

place: Washington D.C. in front of White House.


(Activists of 8 March's Women Organisation in Canada will join the protest in Washington D.C.)



Time: Friday 20th January 5pm-8pm.

Place: in front of the US Embassy in London

( 24, Grosvenor Square,        Mayfair,      London       W1A 2LQ)

Also March in London on 21st:

Time: Saturday 21st January at 12 Noon from US embassy to Trafalgar Square.



Time: Friday 20th January at 7pm.

Place: in front of  'Amerikaans Consulaat'         Amesterdam Museumplein 19)



Time: Friday 20th January at 5pm.

Place:  Place de la Monnaie,  1000 Bruxelles.


8 March Women Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

201713 January

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* 'refuse to accept a fascists America' the link of solidarity with the campaign



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