Why should we not take part in the election?

Why should we not take part in the election?

Once again the Islamic Regime of Iran's farce election campaign has started. Pulling the people to choose between bad and worse and canalization of their fury and anger, are the main goals of the Islamic regime by the election process. Iran's ruling class is trying hard to once again legitimize itself in this election and pretends as if this system has the popular support. All the ruling class factions are trying to perpetuate the election and the turnout in the election, in the minds of the people as the only possible way to intervene in the society. Despite their disagreements, they are united in legitimizing this regime. For them, it is vital that people do not entertain the idea of radical change in the society and bow down to the existing order. They have used every resources to promote this idea among people that the possibility of any change would be within the confines of this regime.

During the four years of Rohani’s "reformist" government; the rate of death penalty has increased and thousands were executed, large number of women live in the streets due to poverty, millions of workers struggle for food, many men and women are in prison or on death row for opposing the regime and ... . They want to pull women -who are deprived of their basic rights such as to choose what to wear, custody etc. - to engage in the election, with the illusion of some reforms. They are deliberately hiding the truth that no matter what the result is or who will drive this machinery of oppression, not only there will be no improvement in the lives of millions of women, but also the dimensions of gender oppression will deepen as it is one of the main pillars of this theocratic system.

Thirty-eight years’ experience has shown that the guardians of this regime have changed many times without any changes in its oppressive and exploitive nature towards people. If there are any minor changes, they will not be in favor of women as a whole. The Islamic regime of Iran has no choice but to maintain tight chains on women, because what gives sense to its Islamic nature is the degradation and inferiority of women.

Another trick to get people to vote is that: if you do not vote, the possibility of a military strike by America on Iran will increase! But the fact is that the Islamic fundamentalist regime is looking for its own interest by having conflicts with America: On the one hand to maintain the regime and on the other hand, by further developing its influence and power in the Middle East, play more role within the world dominant capitalist system, for the better position. This has nothing to do with the interests of the people or a possible war from the U.S imperialism.

On the other side, there is the threat of war against Iran from the Trump/Pence fascist regime which plans to set a new order in the world by increasing imperialist exploitation, domination and oppression. With this aim and under the name of war against terrorism, this fascist regime is bombarding the people of Iraq and Syria, killing thousands. Thus, both the Islamic fundamentalist regime of Iran and all the imperialists, led by Trump / Pence fascist regime, want to use people as cannon fodders just for their own interest.

This system cannot change or reform fundamentally by electing one of its own protectors. The main questions are: how can we eliminate this huge class gap and the oppression and exploitation imposed deeply on the majority of people? How can we put an end to the subordination of women and the widespread violence against them? How can we stand against any imperialist intervention? Isn’t it that we have to revolutionary overthrow the Islamic regime as the main source of the oppression and exploitation and furthermore build a radically different society in which people truly and consciously take part in serving the society to emancipate the humanity as a whole?

Women’s Vote: Revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Regime!

  Women’s Choice: A society without oppression and exploitation!



8 march women’s organisation (Iran- Afghanistan)

5 May 2017

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