The military invasion of Kurdistan Syria, by the fascist state in Turkey, is condemned!

The military invasion of Kurdistan Syria, by the fascist state in Turkey, is condemned!


On 9th of October, the Erdogan's "Fountain of Peace" and the Turkish government's fascist army, began by bombing the Kurdish people in Syria. So far, 15 people are reported to be killed and many injured, most of them women and children. A large number of Kurdish people, especially women and children as the main victims of this military invasion, are leaving their homes.

The aim of Erdogan's fascist regime not only is to exterminate the Kurdish people, but also to promote chauvinist / nationalist … views in society and thereby regulate the Turkish people’s discontent and prepare the ground to attack opposition parties.

Undoubtedly, Trump' support and green light grounds for this pre-planned savage offensive. The US imperialist has committed and will commit any crime in the Middle East and around the world for its strategic gain. Therefore, when the Turkish fascist army bombed the Kurdish people (Syria), Trump tweeted: "The Kurds did not fight for us in World War II"! at the same time, the Russian imperialist is observing the situation and wants to take advantage of this war towards its own interests in Syria and the Middle East. The reactionary leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran are also seeking to benefit from this attack in favor of their reactionary policies in Syria and the region.

We, the activists of the Campaign Against Violence Against Women in Iran, strongly condemn the military invasion of the fascist government of Turkey and, together with the fighter and revolutionary forces around the world, will expose this crime and its dreadful aims. The people of Kurdistan, and especially the women fighters in Rojava, can carry on their struggle for their right to self-determination, freedom and equality, only by standing firmly against all domestic reactionaries and imperialist powers, especially the US fascist state.

Campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran

October 2019