Support struggle of women and the people of Afghanistan against Taliban, US Imperialism and other reactionary forces.

The rapid political developments in the last few weeks, particularly in the last few days in Afghanistan not only shocked the people of Afghanistan but also shocked the people of the whole world. Since the very start of the negotiations with Taliban, the green light was given for the return of the Taliban to power.

During the process of so-called peace negotiations, Taliban forces were using violence and horrific actions against schoolgirls, hospitals and shopping markets, but American forces showed no action against these atrocities.

Twenty years ago, the imperialist US and its allies occupied Afghanistan with bloodshed, Killing tens of thousands and making hundreds of thousands of refugees, while promising women liberation by abolishing the Taliban from political power. Today, however, they have welcomed them to political power with a red carpet.

With the violent occupation of Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan people were forced to become refugees in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and European countries. Today, tens of thousands of women with their children, bare footed, are crossing deserts and mountains to reach neighbouring countries in the hope of saving themselves from the barbarism of the Taliban.

Twenty years ago Afghan"s people paid the cost of the United State"s strategical interests with their blood. And today, they again pay the cost of the changing priorities and strategies of the US, and the re-emergence of the Taliban"s return to power.

In the past few weeks, in the towns and villages captured by Taliban, women have been killed just because they were out on their own or for wearing high-heel shoes. Very young girls have been beaten and forcefully taken from their homes and used as sex-slaves. These are just a few events appearing on the news. History, once more, has proven that no Imperialist power, in any part of world can or should be trusted in the fight for women"s liberation.

Since the occupation of Afghanistan, women have always been the main victims. And today, now the obstacles of both US interests and it"s regional and local servants have been cleared, allowing the Taliban once again a stranglehold on power, it will be women again who will bear the blunt of the anti-women Islamic fundamentalist forces.

But today, the people of Afghanistan, particularly women are not alone. Millions of Kurdish, Turks, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi……women are on their side, because they have common goals and share the same fate. Any violence against women in Afghanistan is violence against women all over the world.

We call on all progressive forces, activists, militant organisations and all freedom loving people to join us hand in hand to be the voice of Afghanistani women against not just the Taliban and other Islamic fundamentalists, but all the big powers nesting in Afghanistan!

8 March women’s organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)