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Support Iranian women’s demonstration on International Women’s Day !


The Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynic Gender Based legislation & Islamic Punitive Laws in  Iran  is preparing a major demonstration in Brussels, Belgium  on the 8th of March 2008.


This year on the 8th of  March we will take to the streets and declare in a loud voice:

We are determined to make our mark on this period of  the upheavals of Iranian society. Our minimum wish is to abolish  all misogynist legislation, the abolition of death by stoning,  abolition of compulsory veil, an end to sexual apartheid, women’s right to divorce, the right to gain custody of their children after separation. , the right to control their own body,   the right to enter homosexual or bisexual relationships, an end to the interference of religion in every aspect of women’s lives, we demand liberation and emancipation of women from exploitation and  oppression. These demands can only be achieved in Iran with the overthrow of the Islamic Republic regime.

The participation of everyone of us in the demonstration of   8th of March 2008, is a step towards strengthening these demands and in the struggle to realise them.


Join the demonstration, your presence will give us strength!


Date 8 March 2008-02-23

Place : Brussels , Belgium, Demonstration starts at 1.00pm in front of the US Embassy, move towards the European Parliament, then going past the embassy of Iran’s Islamic  Republic.  


The final meeting will take place in ULB University’s Lecture Theatre

There will a celebration gathering at 20.30 pm in the same Lecture  Theatre


US Embassy Address: 27, Boulevard du Regent 

Nearest Tube Station: Metro Madou


Placards in the demonstration:

This demonstration is a manifestation of the unity of progressive groups and tendencies  , regarding a common struggle against the misogynist legislation of the reactionary Islamic Republic regime as well as a struggle against women’s oppression in Belgium. We are therefore keen that all tendencies and groups can show their identity with banners , as a sign of unity and diversity, however  the demands and slogans of the placards should be those of the Campaign.


Please do not bring three coloured flags and photos of personalities.


3- For sleeping arrangements


you can book in Hotel Galia Tel 003225024243


Sleeping in a common dormitory  with sleeping bags can also be arranged. Please email us .


Looking forward to meeting you in the demonstration


Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynic Gender Based legislation & Islamic Punitive Laws in  Iran