Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 3, 2007



No to Fundamentalisms! No to Imperialism!

Another World is Possible!


On International Women’s Day (March 8), We say:


Another World is Possible!


Do you hear the voice of Iraqi women demanding unconditional end

     to occupation? Do you hear their call to end the violence inflicted on

     them by the Islamic fundamentalist groups, the occupying forces,

     and the corrupt Iraqi government?


Do you hear the protests of Afghan women whose bodies and souls

are the battleground of various Islamist forces, the Taliban, warlords, and Western occupiers?


Do you hear the screams of Iranian women who have suffered

     whiplashes, are forced to wear the veil, have faced death by stoning,

     and now demand an end to the gender apartheid Islamic regime?


Do you hear the cries of American women facing the rape of one of

    their sisters every 6 seconds?


Do you hear the voices of black, poor, aboriginal and immigrant

     women in Canada and the US shouting: stop violence, war,

     militarization, poverty, and racism?


Do you know about the rise in patriarchal-racist violence against

    women in European countries?


Do you know about millions of women and young girls in Africa,

     Latin America, East Europe, and Asia who are victims of trafficking,

     sex trade, slavery, HIV/AIDS, militarization, and war?



We, Canadian-Iranian women, will continue the struggle started last year, seeking to create Another World where,


war in not an option; we say loud and clear NO WAR on


any form of violence against women is considered a crime not a


no woman will be subjected to ‘honour killing,’

no woman is forced to commit suicide or set herself ablaze in order

    to escape patriarchal violence,

no woman is punished or faces stoning to death for loving someone,

homosexuality is not a crime,

women control their own bodies and will make their own decision on

    sexuality and reproductive rights,

women can freely and fully decide their life choices 

women and men are truly equal in life. 


These are not illusions; we women and men of the world are capable of envisioning and creating the world we want.


No to Fundamentalisms! No to Imperialism! Another World is Possible!


March and Rally (Saturday, March 3, 2007)

March: 3:00 p.m. Dundas Square

Rally: 5:00 p.m.

 Ryerson University; 350 Victoria Street; Room LIB 72

Persian Dance

Theatrical Pieces

Music Performance

Short Speeches

Solidarity Messages


Refreshments will be provided


Organizers: The Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynistic Legislation & Islamic Penal Codes in Iran

karzarezanan_intoronto@yahoo.ca  and  www.karzar-zanan.com