Statement Issued By The Revolutionary Association Of The Women of Afghanistan

Statement Issued By The Revolutionary Association Of The Women of Afghanistan

(RAWA) In Support Of The Great March In Europe And Solidarity Events Planned

Throughout The United Stated On March 8, 2006 (International Women's Day)Dear Friends,

On International Women's Day first of all we want to convey our regards and salutations to all oppressed women of Iran and the world.

Being smashed under the fetters of the Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan, Afghan women can very well feel the pain and suffering of Iranian women and people under the domination of a fascist and brutal theocratic regime.

On the behalf of Afghan people and its freedom-loving forces, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan sends its salutations and respect to all Iranian women who have changed the prisons of the criminal regime into a resistance field - who bravely, and with great determination and steadfastness, fight for freedom and democracy under the most difficult situation. We learn from their resistance and commitment to their great cause of liberation and a democratic Iran.

The heroic people of Iran have never for a moment forgotten the blood-drenched domination of the traitorous Mullahs in their country, and despite all the savage terrorism and suffocation unleashed upon them, have never desisted from struggling against the Mullahs who have made Iran a vast graveyard for its people.

We staunchly believe that anti-clerical and anti-fundamentalist rebellions, particularly the student revolts, herald great and tempestuous insurrections, which will sweep away the shameful domination of the fundamentalist regime in Iran. The continuous revolts, in fact, show that the people of Iran no longer believe in cosmetic changes at the helm of the Islamic Republic. They now demand the abolition of the Mullah's theocratic regime. Although the regime wildly suppresses any voice of opposition, there can be no doubt that the people of Iran, through their glorious insurrections and rebellions, shall soon commit the religio-fascist regime to the dustbin.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan expresses its solidarity with the people of Iran and affirms its staunch support for the brave struggle of the Iranian men and women against the medieval Islamic regime. Pitted, as we are against a fundamentalist regime far more odious than the one in Iran, we consider the victory of the Iranian people against their fundamentalist oppressors as our own victory.

People and revolutionary forces of Iran should learn from what is going on in Afghanistan, they should know that no foreign power can bring them peace, freedom and democracy and it is their own responsibility to come together and send the murderous regime to the trash bin. If the US invades Iran, they will not change anything for the better, but will only bring more suffering and killings to innocent people, like what they are doing in our Afghanistan and Iraq. In our ill-fated Afghanistan, the US removed the Taliban from power but replaced them with even more criminal elements: warlords and the murderous leaders of the Northern Alliance. Today, the infamous criminals and drug mafia are in power in Afghanistan and they are strongly supported by the US government.

Whenever the criminal, fundamentalist leaders and their commanders commit another heinous crime, instead of being sued, they are rewarded and promoted to higher posts. For them, the political, economic, and strategic interests of the US government are more important than the wellbeing of our nation.

We are not alone in our difficult and tumultuous struggle against tyranny and fundamentalism. Women of Kurdistan, Palestine, Turkey, Latin America and other countries are fighting for democracy and against the plague of war and extremism. We sympathize with them, and we must assist the women's movement throughout the world by intensifying our decisive struggle against fundamentalism and its supporters in the region.

Regards to the imprisoned freedom-loving women in Iran and all over the world! Long live the solidarity between the resilient women of Afghanistan and other countries!

-Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, March 6, 2006