Support the great walk against anti women laws in Iran by contributing financially

Support the great walk against anti women laws in Iran by Contributing financially

Freedom-loving men and women

The “Campaigne for the Abolition of All Anti-women Legislation in Iran”  is preparing for a march from 4 to 8 March 2006. We will start from Frankfurt, pass through Meinz, Köln and Düsseldorf in Germany and move towards The Hague, Netherlands.  Through this march we are raising our voice against all legislation confirming inequality and imposing Islamic punishment on Iranian women.

This move, initiated by women, has so far gained the support of many women-groups as well as political parties and organizations from different orgins and nations.

The success of this march will in part depend on our capacity to mobilize logistics, and this cannot be successfully accomplished without appropriate funds. We are not a registered organization, we are not receiving funds from any state or trans-national company. Our only means to overcome the financials obstacles in making this march a success is for all who support this cause to dig deep into our pockets and donate generously.

Sisters, comrades, friends,

Don’t let the lack of funds to become another chain, hindering our struggle against patriarchy. Donate generously.

Send donations to:

From Germany:

March 8th Committee of Women

Konto 227 0169 39

BLZ:513 50025

Sparkasse Gisen

From outside Germany

March 8th Committee of Women

Int. Bank Account Number: DE 89 5135 00 25 0227 0169 39


From US and Canada, in order to save banking charges countact:

For other purposes contact us at:

January 2006