On the 24th anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners

On occasion of the 24th anniversary of massacre of political prisoners in Iran

March towards building a society where no one is imprisoned or executed for opposed opinions!

The criminal Islamic Regime of Iran has executed about 634 prisoners in 2011, which included political prisoners and they defended their number “one” position in the world for issuing death sentences! Based on the regime’s own media, from early 2012 until now, tens of people have been executed in Iran.

The relation between the Islamic regime and the people, during more than 30 years of their rule has been defined only through suppression, prison, torture, assault, rape and execution. Under the Islamic juridical system; Women, workers, students, suppressed nations and all the people in general are offenders unless they are themselves part of the corrupt and oppressor system.

Upon the seizure of power by the Islamic regime, when they announced that women are obliged to wear ‘‘Hijab’’ the symbol of  slavery symbol of women, when they imposed the reactionary and medieval rules on women, when they imposed their patriarchal policy and custom on women at home, workplace and society, when they declared all parties and organisation illegal, when they started their barbaric attacks on Kurdistan, when they sent their thugs to attack revolutionary organisation stalls , when they attacked the universities under the pretext of cultural revolution, when they arrested and imprisoned a large number of  youth, organised in revolutionary  organizations; They actually declared that suppression is an integral part of their identity and that is the only mean to extend their rule

It has been 24 years since the most terrible and shocking events in history of contemporary Iran. In less than two months, thousands of political prisoners were executed. They were shot or hang behind the prison’s walls and in secret. The crimes were in massive scale and in order to hide the evidence they buried them in mass graves at nights. The relatives of the dead prisoners were not aware of the murder of their loved ones and also hide the place they were buried. However, the facts about the crime were revealed. At that time imperialists endorsed such crimes with silent satisfaction. Their human rights kept their mouth shut.

A large part of these political prisoners were women. They were symbol of resistance in the society and were brutally tortured in the worst violent way by their investigators and torturers in order to teach a lesson for women as a whole. Whips, tortures and rape were rations of women who refused to become slaves of Islamic Republic.

The authorities of Islamic Republic regime have tried to eliminate all the clues and evidences of this huge crime. They have also tried to enforce memory loss violently. They thought by physically eliminating the political prisoners, they can also  remove them from history and hide their hopes and desires of building a world free of oppression  and exploitation from young generation. The hopes and desires that they laid down their lives for achieving it.

Now some of the regime’s founders, those who played a role in suppress the revolution and killed the fighters, those who imposed unequal rules and Islamic punishments on women in order to better prove their staunch Islamic; are now in the ‘‘opposition’’. During all these years, they tried to make the massacre of political prisoners be forgotten and the decision makers and perpetrators in charge, be forgiven. All their efforts have been to divert the struggle of people in a direction that can preserve the system in its totality but with a little change.

During all these years, we have been able to consolidate the slogan of ‘‘we will not forget, we won’t forgive’’. This has been strong presented as a naked truth in front of those who wish the horrific crimes of Islamic Republic Regime to be forgotten and forgiven.

The remembrance of resistance and invincibility of the political prisoners in 80s and also in the summer of 1988, are in fact an important part of the struggle to overthrow the Islamic Republic regime. A struggle which its final goals are to build a society were no one would be prisoned or executed for opposed opinions and its judicial system would be in the serve of advancing humanity and for their emancipation.

8 March Women’s Organization (Iran-Afghanistan)

September, 2012

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