This message was delivered in front of the U.S Embassy in Brussel on 8th March 2019, by : Mahsa Rojan

This message was delivered in front of the U.S Embassy in Brussel on 8th March 2019, by : Mahsa Rojan


We are talking to You people Who are united with us in the struggle against the Islamic regime and all the great powers !


On the 40th anniversary of the iranian women’s uprising against compulsory hijab in Iran, we, women of the  campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran’, are here to say with a clear voice that we are against sanctions, war and military aggression against the countries of the world, including Iran, And we consider warmongering Trump and his fascist gang, a huge liers. Trump and his regime are anti-women and are against the masses of people in Iran and around the world.

Today, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the whole of Middle East have become prisons for women as a result of the invasion and occupation of the United States and its allies, as well as the creation of proxy wars and all types of fundamentalist and anti-women regimes.

These facts show that women's emancipation movement in Iran can not and must not rely neither on patriarchal imperialists, with women’s oppression an inseparable part of their system of oppression and exploitation all over the world ; nor to the different deeply entrnched patriarchal repressive forces in Iran. These two pillars are one of the most important and decisive lines of distinction for women's revolutionary organizations and activists who want to be consciously involved in gaining freedom and equality and change the society.

The U.S imperialism, under the name of  Iran's nuclear bomb threat, is waging a war that threatens the lives of millions of people in the region, by manslaughter, famine and disease. The lives of women in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a result of the military aggression and occupation of these countries, show that the main victims of these wars are women. The U.S imperialism, of course, by no means, have not had any concern with the fact that Islamic regime of iran has bombarded women's lives with compulsary hijab and absolute subjugation for over 40 years. This regime has bombarded the empty tables of the workers and poor people For 40 years. Yes !They have no concern with the fact that since 40 years ago this regime, has bomarded the whole society by the establishment and promotion of depply patriarchal culture, reactionary traditions and superstition.

The Islamic fundamentalist states and forces in Middle East and the fascist and racist regime in United States, and right wing forces and Christian fundamentalist in the West are two sides of the same coin.
with current condition in Iran, only a solid and united struggle and solidarity among people can prevent any opportunism, or possible war against Iran by the U.S imperialist and the confiscation of the struggles of women and people in Iran. Because the fighting circles of peoples are not disunited. Continuation of the struggles of workers, student, teachers, nationalities, women and ... against the Islamic Republic regime should unite in such a way that no power could resist it.

That is why, in the midst of the war-mongering policies of the world powers with trump fascist regime on its top, we neither follow the "national reconciliation" with the oppressive Islamic regime and nor hope for the "mercy" of the imperialist forces, since the conflict of interest between these two reactionary forces has nothing to do with the interests of women and the majority of the masses of people. These contradictions are for their own reactionary interests at both sides. These reconciliations, sanctions and battles are for the re-establishment and strengthening of the capitalist world order. An order that threathens the lives of millions of people everyday. An order that has displaced 65 million people in the world. An order in which millions of children are torn apart from school in battlefields. An order in which in every minute or two, a woman dies or get killed from patriarchal oppression and violence. An order that produces feminisation of poverty, feminization of AIDS, feminization of hunger, and feminization of death. These two reactionary forces are united with one another to suppress Iranian women.

So we are going to continue a fight that serve the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic and its imperialist supporters, with you, and with the support and solidarity of more people and progressive forces around the world, and in connection with the struggles of women and people in Iran.

We are here to say that along with women's radical activists and organizations, revolutionary organizations and parties, anti-racist forces and all libertarians all over the world, we will not allow them to impose another deadly war on people of iran, in our name.

We are here to announce that we are determined to continue our struggle for a world in which no woman is oppressed. No woman is neither forced to  wear hijab or forced in to prostitution and pornography because of poverty and hunger. A world free from violence of patriarchal capitalism, a world in which no human being is hungry and enjoy it according to their work and need. A world without any parasitic minority that exploit the hard labour of millions of people. A world without oppression and exploitation.

Down with Islamic regime of Iran

No to Imperialist interference

No in our name

If women are not free, no one is

Long live international solidarity