The real tribute to those who lost their lives is to continue the struggle

The real tribute to those who lost their lives is to continue the struggle
to revolutionary overthrow of the criminal regime of Iran!

Undoubtedly, the uprising of November 2019, was one of the most widespread, offensive and enduring struggles of the poor against the regime that shook its pillars more than ever. People especially young men and women, with empty hands but bold and fearless, waged such a struggle that the ruling reactionaries saw their death…

The regime's repressive forces, despite their preparations, were so taken aback by the determination of the youth, that left them with nothing but escalating repression and bloodshed and arrests of thousands of Angry and furious young men and women. These brutal repressions are still going on, and every day we see the tortured bodies of young people dumped in the dams, rivers and the streets. Since gaining power, this regime has been able to continue its parasitic life only by relying on imprisonment, torture and killing. But not anymore! As today, they have seen the outburst of anger of the youth who humiliated death on the battlefield and the widespread presence and role of women in street fighting.

Since the November uprising, the regime of Islamic Republic intends to create terror among the people by brutal torture, forced confessions and the brutal mass killing of recent detainees. But there is a qualitative difference between now and the massacres of the 1960s and the summer of 1967. The dimensions of public disgust and hatred of the regime, especially from the poor, are so profound and deep that these horrendous tricks cannot create a stamp of indifference and silence among the people.

In recent days, despite all the threats towards the families of those arrested or killed, a number of mothers have called on people in a petition to make December 26, a day to expose the crimes of the Islamic Republic and pay tribute to those killed in November uprising.

With support of their petition, we also reiterate the undeniable fact that, any tribute to all those who sacrificed their lives for human emancipation, will only be real by continuing and intensifying the struggle for the revolutionary overthrow of the Regime in Iran. We should connect the demands of the mothers in this day, to the continuation of the struggle for the ‘’unconditional release of all political prisoners and all recent detainee’’ and to the slogan ‘’ we Neither forget nor forgive’’ and should widespread them In all the struggles and movements, so wide and far-reaching, that could both break the tricks of the repressive Islamic regime and block the way for all pro-imperialist forces, including monarchists, reformist and ... who are now shedding crocodile tears for those arrested and lost their lives in November.

8 March Women’s  Organization (Iran- Afghanistan)

21 December, 2019