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What is going on in Iran?



 You are all aware that Iranian people have risen against 30 years of dictatorship and tyranny in Iran.  The electoral coup of Ahmadi Nejad- Khameneii was only one strike   of matches on the gunpowder of anger and despise for the Islamic Republic. Up to this point the movement has received the support of almost all freedom loving nations in the world with high hopes for it.  Simultaneously, the suppressive machineries of government of Ahmadi Nejad have become activated again in resent weeks. It is avenging the fearless youths that has shown no fear of death.  The extent of suppression is unimaginable.  Up till now tens have been killed, hundreds have disappeared and thousands are suffering under severe forms of tortures. Numbers of youths in custody are being tortured and sexually abused.  Numbers have been brought in front of the cameras on the so called television confession shows admitting that they have received money from foreign countries to create agitations and chaos; or that their motive in participating in the demonstration was armed rubbery. Criminal activities, mass killings and unabashed shamefulness know no boundaries in Iran these days.


  Why the suppression?


It is not easy to break the resilience of millions of people standing for change and deciding not to tolerate the regime even for another day. The regime no longer has any other tools at its disposal to deal with people.  The means of religious brain washing has become totally obsolete. The only road open to a regime that has lost its political legitimacy is the use of naked suppression.  Ahmadi Nejad’s government is set to destroy the movement by suppressing the people tending to it.   Their television shows are to break in pieces the confidence and the braveries achieved during the uprisings.  Execution of the youths is used as a means to teach a lesson to those who dared the Islamic Republic. 


But, alas, Ahmadi Nejad is not alone in attacking the spirit of people.  In the opposing camp, Mir Hossein Moussavi is also actively trying to buy the love of the Mulahs, safeguarding the Islamist system and begging people in brotherhood. He has, in his resent speeches,  clearly stated that: “ our dilemma, no matter how bitter it may seem, yet, it is a family problem”, “ I invite everyone in  brotherhood. “, “ Our victory leans on our unity and fraternity. “,  “Even those standing brutally in opposition to our cause  are part of love of the  brotherhood “.  He, frightened by depth of the people militancy, warns over and over again that: “be ware not to fall in the trap of anti establishments slogans...we should turn to Islam; the pure Islam introduced by Mohammad; we should turn to the law; the constitution.”  And he is exemplifying  the same constitution that its basic axiom is assumption that people are  like herds of sheep and the  Holly power is the Shepard; committing religious discriminations ( between Shiiat  and  other minority religions ); absence  of human rights ; enslavement  of women as  ones whose only  duties are to bear and raise religious minded humans. The same law that has caused thousands of young rebellious women to rise. They are tired of interference of the holy verses in the most private matters of their lives; demand the annulations of law of enforced covering and all inequalities and punishments designed for   women.


Despite numerous warning by Moussavi camp in returning people back to their homes, the youths are still out in to the streets and protesting.  They exhibited, unlike the coverage of the mass media as if here is only two sides to this dispute, that of Ahmadi Nejad and Moussavi that the dispute is between people and the system.   Mir Hossein Moussavi was, in early 80s, prime minister and very close to Khomeini; he was also very instrumental in establishing and consolidating the Islamic Republic.   He was called the prime minister of massacres, since during his reign political prisoners were executed amass, namely the execution of thousands of detainees in summer of 1988. In running for presidential election he had stated  that: “my motive was  to get back to the origin of the Islamic Revolution and idea of  Islamic Republic as it should’ve been”; he said the best time of Islamic system was  the time of Khomeni when  Iran was  at the peak of  its  development and social justice!


There is not a shred of honesty or progress in his platform.  His disputes with the coup faction of the system have nothing to do with the Iranian interests 


In the last few  weeks , when radical youths was engaged in the streets with the forces of suppression  , the leaders of “Green Wave”  were hiding in the safety of their homes or in the mosques.


But this process was different in abroad. From nowhere at all appeared some unknown and suspicious characters and became the spokespersons for the movement and tried very hard to monopolies the solidarity of the people in their gatherings.  These  unknown and suspicious characters with the financial help, support of  power structures ,  hands  of well known personalities and the spread of mass media in western world were  trying to recreate a Green Chains for Moussavi and thereby depositing  the outcome of the people’s struggle  in Moussavi’s credit.  They are taking advantage of lack of knowledge among the youths and the public opinion. Almost everywhere possible, they are decorating the rallies and the demonstrations with the green banners in an exaggerated fashion hoping to Islamize the mind and beliefs of the people participating in the gatherings.  They stop, at times very harshly, the use of anti Islamic slogans.  Majority of westerners do not know that green is the color of Shiaat branch of Islam; a color used by one faction against the other faction in the campaign trails.   Astonishing as it may sound, they are playing these game by playing the progressive western and Iranian citizenries supporting the people’s struggle in their fight to stop the theocratic and suppressive actions of the Islamic Republic

  Who comes out the winner?

Support for the people’s fight is not reflected by holding the green banner high or brushing the rallies with green color. It is in reflecting their demands in a different environment in the rest of the world.   The demand for :  separation of state and religion; annulations  of  discriminatory laws against the women and  assembly of the workers and other social stratas; freedom of speech and freedom  the press; release of all political prisoners; elimination of laws of discriminations against minorities and trial and punishments for crimes committed by the criminals in the past 30 years.   This is done by way of undoing the Islamic Republic, a system architected by Khomeini and empowered for a decade of bloody suppression by Moussavi. 


30  years ago Iranian people moved  in an anti imperialist- monarchic revolution to radically change the face of Iran and to help with the rest of the world, but the western power  put  the realm  of the revolution in hand of Khomeini and prevented it from its  victory.  Once again, by way of Moussavi‘s so called “moderate Islam” project, they are trying to revitalize the bankrupt system of the Islamic Republic.   When some western politicians ,in  solidarity  with people of Iran , carry the color of Green, they in fact are not only trying to impose the  color on people, they  are also  saying that you are not  eligible for  a secular society; you deserve the Islamist form of  society but in a moderate  fashion.   This is a disgrace to Iranian people fighting for their rights. 


You the progressive and freedom loving people of the western world, you have a very special place in the struggle of the Iranian people. You can be their friends in their demands for their basic rights; you can expose the machineries trying to impose the “Green Wave “on people and help with the fate of the struggle be written somewhere else other than with the Iranian people. Be aware that this time they are trying to use your name and energy in this scheme. The death of Islamic Republic is not only the way to liberate Iranian and in particular the30 million Iranian women, it is also a blow to the fundamentalist circles trying to enslave the


Women 30 years ago, after the defeat of the revolution and empowerment of the religious forces, not only half of the society , the women, were reduced to the stage  of slavery, it also caused the fundamentalists in the middle east to become stronger ; in itself another step in backwardness for  women’s cause  in the region. 


We, the people of Iran, and in particular the women, are eager, with the help of the people of the world, to send these elements back to the trash can of the history. This, by far, is a leap forward in liberation of the Iranian, the Middle East and the world. Every step taken by Iranian people towards secularism, freedom and social justice is a step forward realization of ideals of people for another world, a world without discrimination, exploitation and injustice.


Organization of women of 8th of March (IranAfghanistan)

7 July 2009