admin/upload/files/The monstrous spectre of war over Iran

admin/upload/files/The monstrous spectre of war over Iran

With or without a UN resolution, Bush and the US administration are determined to finalise their squabbles with Iran. This final step will take the form of simultaneous military attacks, sanctions and other means. They have announced that the plans are ready and the first steps towards the execution of such plans have already been taken.

Offices charged with ‘manufacturing leaders’ are paving the way for  a velvet revolution and plans for imposing sanctions are already on the tables of delegates to the United Nations General Assembly… one cannot talk any more of the ‘shadow of war’, but it could be said that the monstrous spectre of war is already over Iranian skies.



What are the reasons for war and animosity between Iran and the United States?

 The leaders of Iran’s Islamic regime claim that obtaining nuclear technology is in Iran’s national interests and have raised the slogan’ nuclear energy is our indisputable right.’

Bush and his European allies, the governments of UK, France and Germany claim they are concerned about Israel’s security, democracy in Iran , women’s oppression …in short they are concerned that a dictatorial regime  has gained access to nuclear weapons. They say that nuclear power in the hands of an anti democratic regime such as Iran threatens world security and Bush as God’s representative on earth has a duty to provide international security (of course by using the United States’ deathly war machine).


Both sides are lying to us

The current dispute between Iran and the United states has nothing to do with the interests of Iranian women, the Iranian people or the population of the world. Both sides have a  history  humiliating other nations,  violating  human rights, oppression of women and more important than all the above exploitation of the oppressed peoples of the world.

The  Islamic Republic has deprived Iranian women of their most basic rights for over 27 years, the right to choose their clothing, the right to control their own bodies, the right to divorce, to determine their future, to become guardians of their own children as well as many other rights, using unequal Islamic laws such as death by stoning, lashing, prison and torture. This regime has deprived Iranian workers of the basic right to set up their independent organisations, it deals with any protest however small with repression. Currently tens of students are under arrest, many have been tortured  for participating in student activities... The Iranian people are derived of their most basic human rights and a long way from participating in any decision making regarding nuclear technology. However the slogan regarding the right of Iran to obtain nuclear know how is used by the leaders of the Islamic Republic to lengthen the  rule of this criminal regime.

Since George Bus has come to power in the United States women have been deprived of the right to abortion and same sex marriage while most retrograde religious superstitions are propagated and every day democratic rights of US citizens are eroded.

Torture of prisoners in Abu Gharib and Guantanamo are further reminders of the shameful inhumane record of the Bush administration.

It was the United States and its advisors that insisted that the new constitution in Iraq should be based on Islam, forcing this on their occupation government. The imposition of the veil on Iraqi women and  the fact that now they count as half a human being are all gifts emanating the military, imperialist occupation. Rape and kidnap of Iraqi women are other achievements of American style ‘democracy’.  From the day the ‘US made’ Kurdish state has come to power , the number of honour killings has risen to worrying levels.  All this from the state that is supposed to be the model for US style liberation in our region. Rape of Iraqi women prisoners by US soldiers has reached alarming dimensions. In Afghanistan women are still  under the Berghah and reactionary Islamist rule over them. However aggression and military occupation can lead to no other outcome, because the US and its western allies must rely on the most reactionary , misogynist class forces to ensure devotion and servitude.


What are the real reasons behind military intervention or any other intervention by US imperialism.

The probable US attack against Iran is a continuation of the war against Afghanistan and Iraq. The aim of any imperialist intervention in Iran is to dominate the peoples of the Middle East, control their natural resources such as oil and gas and t impose the most suitable forces capable of plundering the peoples’ wealth as US’s contractors. The aim is to impose the new world order. An order in which poverty,  death, hunger, unemployment and slavery are increasingly becoming feminine and an order where the gap between the rich and the poor inside all countries and on a world scale increases daily.  The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and imperialist interventions in Iran to recreate such an order are rotten to the core and humanity must find a solution to end this hellish order in the current century.

The two sides of the current conflict, i.e. the US government and Iran’s Islamic Republic regime agree on massacring people. Neither of them has any qualms about sacrificing its own citizens , in order to achieve their aims.  Both sides of this conflict are at the same time trying to renew relations with each other. One wishes to rule the Middle East and Iran with no restrictions and the other wants to be a servant with special privileges. In the recent past Iran’s rulers have collaborated with the US and its allies in occupied Afghanistan and Iraq.   


Consequences of war or economic sanctions on the Iranian people

Any form of imperialist intervention, be it military attack, sanctions or creation of fake opposition for a velvet revolution will have dire consequences for the Iranian people. In order to foresee these consequences it suffices to look at Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition nuclear attacks on Iran will have more devastating consequences. It will be a war that will make the horrors of the eight war between Iran and Iraq look like nothing at all.



We, women of the Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynic Gender Based legislation & Islamic Punitive Laws in  Iran address all anti war, democratic forces and women in Western countries:

  We can and must stop this war as one of the most horrific events of this century. We can do so by exposing the inauspicious aims of the war, exposing the lies of imperialist forces and at the same time uniting our anti war efforts with the struggle for the overthrow of the reactionary Islamists ruling Iran. In our confrontation with imperialism we have nothing in common with misogynist Islamists.

It is only by creating and strengthening a revolutionary front that we can confront this war, exposing the false claim by imperialist forces that the Iranian people need international guardians.

In the struggle against war we are not just confronting imperialism and the Islamic regime in Iran but also their respective masked allies. We must expose these forces hiding behind covers and this can only be done by putting forward the genuine demands of the oppressed and the toiling masses in our country. We can do so by raising the basic demands of Iranian women.  That is where it will become clear who are the forces uniting to oppress, kill and exploit ordinary people.

We women of Iran, from many nationalities, Turk, Kurd, Balouchi, Arab outside Iran, see it as our task to raise the voice of the Iranian people in eth anti war, anti globalisation movement. We can gain the support of millions of freedom seeking, anti war forces to support the struggles of the Iranian people.

We cannot allow the experience of Afghanistan and Iraq to be repeated in the anti war movement. To raise the flag of the revolutionary, democratic  struggles of  Iranian women, in the fore front of the  liberating struggles of the Iranian people against the war

will guarantee the blossoming and  success of these struggles. Democratic, anti imperialist forces throughout the world will this time be able to confront war monger, aggressor imperialists by showing solidarity with  the struggles of the oppressed

for the creation of another world, free of injustice and exploitation. This important task is

the responsibility of radical revolutionary women. No doubt taking up this momentous responsibility will play an important role in the destiny of the anti war movements.

Let us stop the war with revolutionary activity, or let us use the war as an opportunity to advance revolutionary struggles of the overthrow of the Islamic Republic regime at the same time exposing the dark aims of imperialist forces.  


No to imperialist war, no to the Islamic Republic regime!

The struggle to overthrow the Islamic Republic regime and Imperialism is a step towards women’s emancipation!

Let us unite the struggle against war and any imperialist intervention with the democratic struggles of the Iranian people!

The Islamic regime must be overthrown by the powerful hands of the Iranian people ! the right to overthrow this regime is our absolute right!

With or without nuclear weapons, Iran’s Islamic regime is one of the most misogynist regimes in the world!

We must struggle for a world without imperialism, free of nuclear weapons !


Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynic Gender Based legislation & Islamic Punitive Laws in  Iran

May 2006