I would like to thank all of you who supported our cause and our struggle

Message of 8 March Women’s Organisation

(Iran-Afghanistan) to London Demonstration


I would like to thank all of you who supported our cause and struggle. Thanks to all of you who did care about women’s oppression as a whole and the struggle of Iranian women who have been going through 3 decades of the harshest kind of brutality.

The compulsory Hejab for women, stoning to death for choosing the man not selected for her, systematic rape of women political prisoners, degradation of women, facing continuous threat of domestic and state violence, stripping women of their most basic rights. These are only some aspects of women’s life in Iran today.

But the good aspect is that the women have never given up their fight against such oppression.

Iranian women have bravely resisted and fought all these atrocities and oppression in various ways.

The young women have been challenging the security forces and the regime thugs in different ways and have given rise to a strong and continuous women's movement that has been growing in the last 3 decades.

The active participation of a vast number of women and in particular the young women in the recent uprising that started after the election fraud, is a vivid evidence of the women’s demand for a real change.

 The role of women in the recent uprising of the people’s struggle has been such that many call it the women’s revolution.

The masses of women want a real change from the anti-women system. And that can only be achieved by overthrowing the Islamic regime, but there are those who want to mislead the people’s uprising and reform or restore the same anti-women system.

Our people and in particular our women first of all want a secular state, they want the separation of religion from the state.

 The people do not need the help of the Imperialists and the big powers, because they will never help the people and at the first opportunity will trade the people’s right and people’s interest in the service of their domination of the world.

On the other hand we have seen the kind of help the imperialist have given to Afghanis and Iraqis women: Installing a religious and fundamentalist regime in order to bring about so-called liberated women that we can see!

In the international scene,

We believe the oppression of women is taking place in various ways all over the world.

Many millions of women are under the rule of fundamentalists’ regimes and groups.

Women are the target of domestic and state violence on a world scale. The phenomena of sex-slavery, women-trading, importing women from  poor countries as well as entering women from the lowest section of the developed countries into prostitution has become one of the most disgusting and growing so-called industries in the developed countries and almost nothing has been done to stop or reverse this trend.

Women are the first victims of war, economic crisis and natural disasters.

The discrimination against women in many ways in the wages, employment and education is a reality of even the most developed countries.

Women in many parts of the world still have no rights regarding their own body and have no choice to have a child or a right of abortion.

All this makes women’s oppression an international issue.

Our defeat will be a defeat for all women, and our victory will be victory for all.

The fact is that our common cause has turned us into a powerful voice, and a strong army that can smash the pillars of oppressions. We must be organised to be able to do so.

We should be organised under a banner that will not trade our rights and not stop or deviate our advancement until final victory

We should be united under a banner that will not lead us to the hell of reformism which only props up and makes more efficient the same old system.

We should be united under a banner that will not lead us to the hell of imperialist’s domination that will reproduce poverty, oppression and subjugation of women and the poverty, oppression and subjugation of women that that means.

We should be united under a banner that will lead us to a society in which there is no discrimination and violence against women or any one else and there is no oppression or exploitation in the whole society.

A society in which there is freedom and equality for everyone.

Glory to the women’s struggle all over the world

Victory to International Women’s Day

7 March 2010