Women in the frontline of the struggle for liberation!

8 March the International women’s day, the day of solidarity, the day that women unitedly line up against the patriarchal system that is ruling the world!

At the time when the Kenyan women staged their largest demonstration on 28th January 2024, on the other side of the world, the largest women-led demonstrations were organized to protest the genocide of the Baloch people by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

When in Rome, half a million people, mostly women, took to the streets on 25th November 2023, against violence and high number of murdered women in Italy, and especially to express their anger against the murder of Giulia Cicchetti a 22-year-old student, by her boyfriend; In Iran, women continued to fight against the compulsory hijab in a daily battle with the regime’s thugs and mercenaries, not only in the streets but also in prisons. When in Iceland tens of thousands of women went on strike and stopped working in October 2023 to protest the gender-based discrimination and the wage gap between men and women, in Afghanistan women protested the compulsory burqa and anti-women decrees of the Taliban in various form and In France, in November 2023, women occupied the streets of Paris and other cities with the slogan "a rape in France every six minutes"...

This is the expressive voice of women from Iran and Afghanistan to Mexico and America, from Baluchistan to Kenya and France, from Pakistan and Poland to Italy and India, from Guatemala and England to the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany, from Syrian Kurdistan to Gaza that are determined to change their subjugated situation, against genocide, sexual harassment and the rape by the fascist racists ...; that is resonating in the world.

The vanguard role of women in Jina’s (Mahsa) uprising in Iran, against compulsory Hijab which has been instrumental in oppressing women and burning it inflamed the fire of uprising even more and inspired the women not only in the Middle East but also in a world scale. Jina’s uprising created a situation for the struggle against oppression of sexual and gender minorities with the slogan of “trans, queer, liberation” and brought it out from the ashes of silence to the real stage of struggle. The struggle of women in Afghanistan against misogynistic Taliban is a powerful expression of this message that “we will not surrender, we will not give in and will fight for the liberation”

Women are waging their struggle in different forms at home and in society, against compulsory hijab and burqa, against oppression of LGBTQ+ people, against anti-women laws based on Islamic Sharia, against Christian fascist fundamentalists and the ban on abortion, against rape, against the killing of women under the name of "honour or love and jealousy", against forced marriage, against "circumcision" of female genital mutilation, against pornography and sex trade...to end all forms of subjugation and inferiority the common aspects of all women’s struggles whether in dominated or in developed countries is the struggle against the rampant violence arising from the subjugation of women.

The source of all these women enthusiasm for struggle is the hatred and anger of billions of women of the oppression and patriarchal traditions that have been imposed on women throughout the history and have been strengthened and deepened today by the dominated Capitalist world.

That is from this point of view that we insist on the fact that women can feel the violence and their subjugation with their flesh and skin, and on this basis have a high potential for organising and gaining revolutionary consciousness in the service of radical changes in the

Society and achieve their liberation from gender oppression.

8March women’s organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

8 March 2024