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We condemn the Barbaric act of Iran’s Regime

against the Afghan Refugees

The Islamic Republic of Iran once again has turned to Afghan refugees and inflicted a reactionary and inhuman policy of rounding them up and expelling them from the country.

The Islamic regime of Iran from one side exploits the Afghan refugee as cheap labour and from other side continues to harass and oppress them Under the name of “illegality” and similar excuses through their so called revolutionary guards and Basij ( para military forces) and other Hezbulah forces they brutally trample the basic rights of these refugees. The Afghan refugees are dumped on the other side of the border in order to go under similar circumstances by their own rulers and US and other occupier forces. They not only have to go through many misery and suffering they also can expect no signs of job, home or other basic needs however will see plenty of war, bombardment and mass murdering that can be expected from the occupiers forces.  


But until when such displacements, misery and poverty can continue and when can we overcome such horrible and miserable phenomena?

It is not a secret that the existence of anti- people regimes such as Khalq, Parcham (the pro Russian regimes)and Jihadi (fundamentalists who came to power after the Russian with the help of US and other western powers) and the Taliban ( the fanatic fundamentalist) and today the occupier forces and puppet regime and their inhumane policies are the source of such misery that happens to people under the name of immigrant or refugee.

We know that in today’s Afghanistan hundreds if not thousands due to poverty and joblessness are displaced and the air attack by the occupier forces under the US leaderships, the blind wars and massacring the innocent masses, destructing the villages and the resident areas increasing number of suffering masses join to the already displaced refugees inside and outside the Afghanistan.

We Afghans proud nation, who hate the oppression, occupation and aggression have always defeated the bullies and criminal invaders and have given them the lesson that they have deserved and have lived proudly.   We can overcome this suffering such as homelessness, refugees or war and occupation by standing up against the causes that is no more than the existence of a degenerated anti people and puppet regime and with our unity we should reject the occupiers criminals and allies and do not trust them at all.


Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!

We condemn the inhumane and fascist policy of Islamic Republic of Iran towards the Afghan refugees!

Long live the unity and solidarity of Iranian and Afghanistan toilers!


National Democratic Organisation of Afghan Refugees – Germany


June 2007