We, women from different corners of the world - Iran, Afghanistan, Belgium, Iraq, Turkey,… - march together on March 8 to call out, louder than ever, that it is long time overdue to throw off women’s oppression. The world capitalist system perpetuates women’s oppression and the patriarchal systems, in which the ruling classes – being a small minority - rely on dividing the oppressed, the oldest division being the one between men and women, to safeguard their domination, in every corner of the world: from Iran, Iran and Afghanistan to the USA and the United Kingdom, from Palestine, Kosovo and Palestine to Belgium, Germany, Turkey,…

The system dishes out oppression against women in different forms. The global chain of oppression unites hundreds of millions of women together in one fight. State sanctioned oppression and oppression in family complements our chain of oppression.

But this oppression makes women formidable fighters for their emancipation.

The rampant blitz of capital and the “new world order” has worsened women’s situation. Poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment, bonded labour, violence, everywhere have increasingly feminized.

As capitalism has interwoven the whole world in a single unit of exploitation and oppression, the struggle and resistance of women against oppression also has to become globalized. We hear each others voice and our heart goes out to each other in internationalist solidarity and unity. We get inspiration from each others struggles and dare to break our chains with even mightier struggles.

Women’s oppression is a major pillar of capitalism. Without overthrowing this oppression, it is not possible to abolish the capitalist system and the emancipation of women is linked to the overthrow of the class system itself.

We call upon all women and men, who are yearning to change this world that is so full of different kinds of oppression, to join our internationalist march. It is one hundred years since the start of March 8 as International Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate this day together, with a firm conviction that we, women of the world, will not tolerate such a denigrating oppression and will fight against it in all its forms and in all countries of the world – and in this way contribute to the emancipation of humanity.


8 March 2008


The demonstration starts in front of the US-embassy at 1 pm; speakers from Iraq and Afghanistan,      will go in front of the European Parliament and will protest in front of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will end with a rally in the ULB


The Campaign for abolition of all misogynist gender based legislation and Islamic punitive laws in Iran


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