Solidarity message to 8 March women’s organisation (iran-afghanistan)

Solidarity message to 8 March women’s organisation (iran-afghanistan)


To organisers and participants of 7 March demonstration in London


Dear friends and comrades

I am very sorry that I cannot be with you in this important day to both celebrate international women’s day and to show my solidarity with our Iranian sisters and comrades.

As a political activist from Iraqi Kurdistan I would like to extend my best wishes and support to you in this day for your very important struggle for women’s rights in Iran

Iranian women have been in the forefront of a struggle for equality and freedom and suffered much hardship and suppression by the Islamic regime, yet they do not give up on their fair demands.

Their aspiration for liberation, equality and human rights has been inspirational for many people around the world. The Islamic regime of gender apartheid have 30 years of bloody history of oppressing women, denying their rights, killing and stoning them for very basic rights.

The regimes acts of terrorism, violence and systematic oppression against women are known to us all. The courageous fight of Iranian women deserves worldwide solidarity and unconditional support. 

Once again I would like to say happy international women’s day to all freedom loving women and men both in Iran and internationally.


Best wishes

Houzan Mahmoud

Representative of Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq.