‍‍‍Patriarchy is the basis of rape and violence against women!

A woman student of 23 years old who was gang raped by 6 men in a bus in New Delhi India lost her life. On 16th December the young woman along with her boyfriend got on a bus in a well-off neighborhood of the city. Inside the bus they were suddenly attacked by iron bars and the young woman was raped and raped and raped by 6 men.  Her half-dead body of the woman was thrown out of the bus while the bus was moving. Her shattered body was transferred to a hospital and she went straightly under operation. Since some of her organs were no more functioning she was transferred to Singapore for more advanced treatment. The medical team had no choice but to cut out most part of her intestine because of the major damage caused by the iron bar. The heart attack left her no chance to stay alive however according to the report of the medical team she fought hard to live.

The rape of ‘Amanat’ name given to the young woman by the people, as it means ‘Treasure, was not the only rape that has taken place in India. According to Guardian news paper, “India is the worst possible place for women” in the last two weeks that thousands of people of India in different cities have poured into streets to protest against this vicious rape, tens of other rapes against the women has been reported. 

17 years old woman was gang raped in North West Punjab. She reported the rape to police but the police instead harassed and insulted her. The young woman committed suicide a short time after.

A 16 years old girl named Mondal was raped by two neighbors in a city in India. When she reported the rape to police she was force to complain only against one of the men as the other man had close connection with the head of the police station. Two rapists are still free.

According to the police of India “one rape is reported every 18 hours”. This is the case when majority of rapes never get reported because according to a report of a woman organization when women occasionally report a rape case, they are not taken seriously  because they believe the women themselves are asking for it.”   

Women from birth to death, in the time of peace and the time of war, no matter where on the earth are suffering from rape and sexual harassment. All the women out side home in the streets and in work places and in their ‘secure’ place at their home cannot escape the rape and sexual harassment and other violence against themselves. Rape and sexual harassment against women, all over the world whether they have a backward law or are ‘supported’ with a more advanced law system, means that the men are the owners of women.  Rape and sexual harassment against women means that dominated patriarchal system has given the men the social and political power to control all women. Rape and sexual harassment that are used by men are a way to protect and ensure the oppressive relations and the subordination of women to men. Rape and sexual harassment against women is a way to protect and ensure the patriarchal, production and social relations. Rape and sexual harassment is a crime against women.

Due to broad and wide spread protest of thousands of people in different cities of India, the Indian authorities have promised to bring new laws against rapists. However adding few articles to the law in a society in which subordination of women is sanctified hardly can save any woman from rape and sexual harassment. 

We the Iranian women hand in hand with women in India and with other women all over the world withstand and resist the patriarchal capitalist system that produce and reproduce the naked violence against women. To put an end to rape and sexual harassment and all different forms of violence against women we should unite in our struggle to build a new world in which no woman are the victim of rape and sexual harassment,  and the women will no more be oppressed and exploited.

8 March Women Organisation (Iran- Afghanistan)

 January 2013