The real justice is accomplished by total destruction of the Islamic Regime's killing and oppression machine! We do not forgive, nor do we forget!

The real justice is accomplished by total destruction of the Islamic Regime's killing and oppression machine!


We do not forgive, nor do we forget!


Demonstrating against massacre and execution of the political and non-political prisoners by the Islamic Regime of Iran.

In memory of the 28th anniversary of the mass killing of thousands of political prisoners in 1980s and 1989.


   The killing and oppression machine of the Islamic Republic Regime has been working at its full strength since the beginning of its establishment and has slaughtered many people. Even though 1980s and especially 1989 was the peak point of mass killing of revolutionary and communist prisoners and had a special impact in breaking people's revolution and establishing The Islamic State, this regime has not stopped for one single moment the killing and slaughtering of lower class people and especially the youth; and is still executing them under different excuses such as: having or keeping drugs, murder charges, insolvency, crimes, etc. If in 1980s one revolutionary generation was supposed to be slaughtered so that today's generation would be deprived of idealist fighters of that era, today the regime is determined to mass executions to teach a lesson to the dissatisfied people of that society and to show them that execution, imprisonment and torture are the bases of this regime.


   Due to this reason, at the same time of the Islamic Republic's compromise with the world especially the European Union, we are witnessing a staggering increase in the number of executions in the demagogic government of Ruhani; so that he opens the gates of this giant hell to the world with a record of one execution in every eight hours. In this current situation and while the whole Middle East is burning amid the fire of sectarian and proxy wars- of which the Islamic Republic Regime is one of the main founders and partners, and the spiritual father of the fundamentalist islamic states in the region- women, religious, ethnical, racial and even sexual minorities are again being suppressed and executed and we hear the news of political and non-political prisoners' execution every day!


   On the other hand, just like 1980s and especially the blood-stained summer of 1989 until now, we have been witnessing a meaningful silence and an implied endorsement of the international imperialistic organizations regarding the oppression against Iranian opposition. Nowadays, too, the slaughtering of the people and the youths in Iran's prisons is being carried out, accompanied by the same profitable silence on the side of the international partners of the Islamic Republic. But we will never be shut up and we will reveal their silence and compromise and the Islamic Republic's crimes.


   Due to this reason, we-activists of the Youth Committee of Belgium and 8th March Women's Organization (Iran and Afghanistan) - invite all freedom seekers and fighting adversaries to come together and break this criminal silence and be the voice of the people whose voice is being silenced.


Street demonstration program:

Saturday 1st October 2016, 15-17 o'clock

Place: Brussels city center, Place de la Monnais (the nearest metro station: De Brouckére)


We hope to see you in this demonstration


8 March Women's Organization

(Iran -Afghanistan) – Belgium


Youth Committee of Belgium