We can and we must stay in the streets until we take Trump/Pence's fascist government down!

We can and we must stay in the streets until we take Trump/Pence's fascist government down!


It has been only ten days that Trump has been officially in power and thousands and thousands of outraged people are protesting against him, thousands and thousands who for their own reason have been touched and felt the signs of growing fascism, Just like January 21st, that millions of women took the streets and showed a decisive and strong opposition against one of the clear aspects of Trump's fascism which is strengthening and intensifying the values of patriarchal relations. At the present time too, hundreds of thousands of protesters’ are showing up in the streets against "the ban on refugees and temporary travel ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries". This shows a decisive opposition to chauvinistic Christian-white supremacy.

Trump/Pence's fascist government by announcing, reinforcing and giving all its support to this order, once again shows that the imperialist capitalism cannot survive and resolve its crises without attacking lower class people's interests. What's the meaning of attacking refugees' and immigrants' rights from the Middle-East and Mexico other than the fact that the victims of the United Stats' warmongering and profit seeking policies have become the victims of its "national chauvinist" policies?

What hides behind the terms like "national security" and "American people's safety" is the undeniable reality that refugees and immigrants are in (the US) because "you" and your endless interests are there! Penniless homeless people are here because the laws ruling capital interest is that in order to guarantees a "supreme" and "worthy" minority's profits; you can deal with the "unworthy" majority the way you want. This tremendous wave of refugees and immigrants from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc is the result of direct or proxy wars of the US capitalist imperialists and their partners. This giant gap within the social classes which is ruling the world and the so called  western countries "security" issue against the continuous war situation in the "third world'' countries, are all a kind of guarantee for the US imperialism's "National security". The main cause of all these migrations, homelessness, slaughtering, domestic and sexual slavery, rape, etc are the US patriarchal imperialist’s interests and the interests of their partners that paved either the way for the formation of Islamic fundamentalist forces in the Middle East and North Africa by waging reactionary wars for their interests or they created these forces and continue to support and strengthen them in order to protect and consolidate their interests.

Today Donald Trump in order to reinforce Christian/White's supremacy puts "American people's interests" against the “existence or non-existence'' of the immigrants and refugees'. Trump, with extreme vulgarity and cruelty, even in violation of the so called ‘legitimate’ laws of constitution in the US, calls them "undesirable ", "enemy" and "potentially dangerous" elements and introduces them as suspects by profiling them according to their religions and nationalities, only to buy support for strengthening his fascist government and fascist movement.

Donald Trump, on the one hand, by enforcing his order of travel ban against citizens of the seven Muslim-majority countries, is practically strengthening Islamic fundamentalist forces and governments in these countries and also by polarizing the society between two reactionary forces, i.e. the fascist US imperialism and Islamic fundamentalists, causes those who are disgusted with the anti-woman, racist, chauvinist, Islam phobic and xenophobic policies, to see the solution (to these issues) in joining to these Islamic forces and states and seeking their support; which in fact gives legitimacy to these reactionary Islamic forces; and on the other hand he wants to strengthen far right movements in the US and Europe.

All these show that the insecurity and despair of the humanity and the planet earth are not caused by refugees and the victims, but by the imperialistic patriarchal capitalist system and the ultra-chauvinism of their commanders. In order to put an end to this system and end this intolerable cruelty and exploitation there is no way but to strengthen our forces, our protest and not remain silent against any form of discrimination and oppression and fight with all in our power. Yes! Whoever is subjected to oppression and exploitation in any form, and feels the danger of reaction and brutal attack on people's rights in a more naked form that is waged by Trump/Pence's fascist government, must join the fight and try to support other people’s fights in any corner of the world.

It's true that so far in the US and all over the world millions of people have risen against this naked fascism which is ruling in the most powerful country in the world. But this is just the beginning. We can and we must more than ever show the power of our solidarity and our expanding force, and take over the streets and prevent Trump/Pence's fascism and the whole ruling power of the US Imperialists to consolidate itself by dividing the people and spreading "chauvinism" and hate among the people. We must continue our fight against Trump/Pence's fascism this representatives of the US imperialist system, shoulder-to-shoulder and more broadly, until we succeed to put this fight on the track of emancipation of humanity and saving our planet. Millions of millions must join this front so that we can bring this fascist regime down together.


8 March Women Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)