Viva the powerful presence of women who stood up against fascism!

Viva the powerful presence of women who stood up against fascism!


On 21st  of January 2017, march of millions of women around the world had a firm, clear, and undeniable message for the dominant patriarchal capitalist system in the world, and the U.S capitalist imperialist system with its new leader Donald Trump: “We, women, stand at the forefront of the fight against fascism and retrogression. We are determined to fight for our rights and other oppressed and subordinates. This is just the beginning’’!

Although trump’s election brought in an enormous shock to the whole world, but the continuous resistance of a small group who stayed in the streets, encouraged other opposes and brought them into the streets as well. Trump's speech on January 20 was a coup de grâce to the illusions of those who assumed trump’s promises was nothing but an election campaign, and he would be a “normal president” preserving the status quo. but his inauguration’s speech which was openly based on U.S imperialist ultra-chauvinism and militarism, left no doubt for even main stream media that this is definitely not “normal”.

But Trump’s fascist/ reactionary show received a clear and strong reaction. More than two million people, in 670 actions in the U.S; and hundreds of thousands in more than 70 cities all around the world, rallied and marched in the streets, in response to ‘‘women’s march’’ and other campaigns and organizations ‘‘call to action’’ against Trump’s naked fascism. These marches were irrecusable. The majority of the protestors were women from different nationalities, ages and generations, religions, sexual orientations, careers, class background, demands and political affiliations; but they all had one major issue in common: this reactionary fascist government must be stopped!

Women step determinedly, enthusiastically, unitedly, ingeniously and aspiringly into the scene of struggle resembling a volcano eruption that emits warmth, hope and joy from a cold and frozen mountain. With their ingeniously slogans, women voiced their demands so clearly, defended their long-term and short-term interests and of the other oppressed, so vigorously that it left no doubt that women are in forefront of the struggle against patriarchal capitalism. The different generations of women, especially the youth, had widespread and incisive presence in this movement to defend not only the rights over their own bodies but also the rights of immigrants, the universal right of healthcare, the LGBTQ and religious freedom. As much as they denounced the sexual oppression and discrimination, they also denounced national and ethnical discrimination, war, exploitation, environmental degradation, chauvinism, and police brutality and the oppression of black people. As much as they expressed their joy of united struggle and feeling of togetherness, they also expressed their anger toward the reinforcement of oppressive patriarchal structure under leadership of Trump. As the masses of women redefine themselves in a political movement whose aim is to struggle for all rights that a human should have in order to live decently, there is no doubt that without women, a radical change is impossible and Women’s presence is the scale of advancement for any revolutionary movement.

Though these protests were inspiring and impressive, but we cannot turn a blind eye on the fact that a lot of protesters still have significant faith in those reformists and “heroes” among the legislators of this horrifying outdated system - specifically the current and former Democratic representatives. Undoubtedly, without revolutionary struggle of women, and strengthening the revolutionary pole in heart of this movement, this false hope and illusion would not vanish. This movement is promising ‘‘the world revolutionary movement’’.

Today, considering all capabilities and obstacles facing this movement, wherever we are, we must strive to keep this legitimate universal movement in the street. More men and women need to join this struggle. We need to strengthen this movement, make it broader, more determined, more coherent, more purposeful and revolutionary. This movement is capable of reinforcing a progressive anti-fascist movement all around the world including America. The movement must be augmented to take the fascist Trump/Pence illegitimate regime down and overthrow the whole system of capitalism – imperialism.


Viva united uprising of women and men against fascism!


March 8 women’s organization (Iran – Afghanistan)

January 22, 2017