Justice Can be achieved only by Overthrowing Islamic Regime of Iran!

Justice Can be achieved only by Overthrowing Islamic Regime of Iran!


On the 29th Anniversary of the Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran

A brief overview of the 39-year horrific ruling history of the Islamic Regime of Iran shows that oppression, killing and execution have been integral parts of this repressive machine. However, the barbarous killing of militants, revolutionaries, and communists in the 80s and particularly summer of 1988 was the most notorious example of this dreadful machine.

Contrary to the massive efforts of the Islamic regime to erase this bloodbath, neither the walls of the prison nor the mass graves, nor the intimidation and humiliation of the families and survived prisoners; could bury the truth behind this terrible slaughter. ‘Litigation movement’ is the name given to the struggle of people who have been trying to uncover and expose the massacre of political prisoners by the Islamic regime of Iran and putting on trial the organizers, commanders and perpetrators of this horrific crime . This movement despite the silence of imperialists’ powers and their dependent media and even the human rights’ organisation, started by the  resistance of families of martyred prisoners, along with the struggle and resistance of the revolutionary and progressive activists to expose this horrific crime and later against the destruction and cleansing of mass graves, particularly in Khavaran cemetery ( the cemetery near Tehran that is known to contain the grave of some of the executed political prisoners  of 1988). ‘Litigation movement’ later on became an integral part of the student movement, the women's movement, and the revolutionary and overthrowing movement of Iran.

The litigation movement is not merely a legal movement. The responsibilities of the litigation movement cannot be handed over to any state authority. The ambitions of this movement can be realized only by relying on the mass power, deepening awareness, and pursuing the ambitions of those who lost their lives in this massacre.

‘Litigation movement’ can advance and become a deep rooted struggle when it can have the solidarity of other progressive movements, particularly solidarity with the women’s oppression and the role that this oppression has in the power structure of the Islamic Regime of Iran. Firstly, due to the mass struggle of women during the struggle against Shah until 1979, for the first time in the history of Iran, we encountered the phenomenon of women political prisoners. Secondly, repression, intimidation, torture and execution of women political prisoners played a very important role in establishing and consolidating the power relations in anti-woman Islamic regime of Iran.

The women's movement must also see the ‘litigation movement’ as part of its struggle to confront the Islamic regime of Iran. This regime has a deeply oppressive and patriarchal structure and not only functions on the basis of gender discrimination, but also based on crushing the most inferior, neglected, helpless and oppressed women. There’s no media and tribune which reflects the depth of the onslaught imposed on these women. With such an understanding, we must enliven the litigation movement again. In the same line, we must publish books and papers; hold seminars and memorial. We must bring back these memorials to the public and streets; consistently discuss about the facts and truths behind this massacre and disclose the organisers, commanders and perpetrators of these crimes...

It is necessary to push the ‘litigation movement’ forward to build a different future and overthrow of the reactionary Islamic regime of Iran. This is the only way for real litigation and the only guarantee to prevent the repetition of these crimes. A movement aiming at building a society wherein not only no one is suppressed, imprisoned, tortured or executed for their ideas, but also is supported for having opposing ideas with the aim of discovering the truth, and spreading the awareness.


* Excerpt from the Editorial 8 March magazine issue no 41


8 march women’s organisation (Iran- Afghanistan)

September 2017