We struggle tirelessly to free all political prisoners!

We struggle tirelessly to free all political prisoners!

Activists and supporters of workers movement some of whom are student activists, are to be convicted on 3rd August after being held for a long time in the medieval prisons of the Islamic regime of Iran. 

Their charges include "gathering and colluding to act against national security," "acting against national security through propaganda against the system," "insulting the leadership," …

During forty years of the Islamic Republic's fascist rule, any voice of opposition from the people and workers, women, students … has always been labeled as ‘an act against national security’ however at the present situation that the regime is internally confronting with the crisis of legitimacy and externally is encountering with the tensions with imperialists. People’s hatred for the regime is increasingly broadening.   The blood is dripping off the rotten claws of the Islamic Republic. The brutal suppression of the oppressed and exploited of the society is supposed to teach a lesson to all the people.

But the resistance and courageous protests of workers, women’s and workers activists and supporters in prisons, despite the brutal physical and psychological torture, insult and humiliation of these prisoners and their families by, are greatly lauded and defended. Long live the brave struggle of women and men who have so far not compromised and continue tirelessly to resist and protest in any form, even in prison.

The presence of militant and courageous women, is outstanding. Those who break the norms and medieval laws of the Islamic Republic despite systematic repression against them, protest and shout in the streets, are in the forefront of protecting the rights of toilers, and have no fear to be arrested and detained. Those who, despite the law and repressive force of the Islamic Republic which is supposed to force the obedience and hijab on women, are very bold and fearless, not only remove their hijab but are also at the forefront of other struggles; revolting and calling to revolt! Those who face much more systematic humiliation, abuse and intimidation in prisons. They know and have felt it by their flesh and skin that being a woman, being a fighter, and confronting the brutal atrocities of the Islamic Republic's regime will have far-reaching consequences. But they keep fighting.

In this critical situation, the regime executioners are preparing themselves for another score-settling against political prisoners, in order to make the prosecution and trial of the workers and activists as the prosecution and trial of the whole people. They are preparing to lay the ground for the execution and so-called suicide of political prisoners.

Silence is not allowed. Our silence is our death! We lose if we remain silent! As if we have turned our backs on those who died and refused to compromise! As if we have neglected the torture and killing and humiliation of our youth, the suffering and poverty and misery of our children, the oppression, slavery and subjugation of our women! As if our humanity is locked up! We have become stone!

But we struggle, to be. We don't give up because we don't deserve subjugation. We are the voices of all prisoners against the oppressive and repressive regime of the Islamic Republic! We also revolt and call to revolt! This is the least we can do! And do not give up until the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic, to free our toilers and fighters, to free all political prisoners, and to emancipate our humanity from the chains of slavery of this regime!


8 March Women Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)- London

01 August 2019