The contradictions between the U.S fascist regime and the criminal Islamic regime of Iran, has nothing to do with the interests of the people!

The contradictions between the US fascist regime and the criminal Islamic regime of Iran,

has nothing to do with the interests of the people!

These days, news of the death of Qasem Suleimani and his companions by Trump’s order, and the missile attack on US military bases in Iraq by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, have been the focus of most media around the world, especially in the region. But while in the uprising of November 2019 in Iran, when hundreds of young men and women were massacred by the regime’s repressive forces, when more than 10,000 were arrested and imprisoned, The world media, especially in the West and the U.S, have been mainly silent and thus effectively supported the crimes of the Islamic Republic in this bloody suppression of the people.

The intention of Trump, the great fascist, by killing Suleimani, the little fascist, is to show the bullying role of US imperialism and to declare that they don’t care about even their international laws and regulations. On the one hand he warns Iran they are ready for war. On the other hand, this killing, at the time when the oppressed peoples’ protest in Iran and Iraq has reached its peak -which is a danger alarm to the US and regional dictatorial regimes- serves to divert public opinion and undermine these uprisings. At the same time, by killing Suleiman and his gang, Trump intends to divert the public minds in the US, especially from the impeachment matter and his shaking position, and prepare a better opportunity for himself and the upcoming election.

The Islamic regime, whose legitimacy was shattered by people's struggles especially during the uprising of November 2019, used Suleimani’s killing scenario to change this situation. All its propaganda machine worked together to shape the public opinion and bring people to the funeral of one of the regime’s butchers in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and.... The basis of the regime's propaganda focused on ‘’Suleimani’s major role in the security of the country’’ and that his death is ‘’a major blow to this security.’’ This propaganda and the illusion about Suleimani’s role, caused some people to attend the funeral. This same regime, which has imprisoned and condemned many women for removing their Hijab in public places over the past two years, tolerated the existence of women with no Hijab or "Bad-Hijab" at this funeral. Because with this "widespread" presence of the people in this show, the regime was supposed to represent its "stable" position in Iran and in the region.

But what this Commander-in-Chief has done to preserve the Islamic Republic's criminal system over the past twenty years, is the creation of Islamic fundamentalist groups in the region in order to form militias in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon to serve to stabilize the Islamic regime in the region. This position is of great importance for them from various angles. Such as Spreading Shiite Islam in the region in competition with Salafist Islamists of Saudi Arabia, having the upper hand and superior position to deal with the imperialists. But in recent months, Iran's position has weakened sharply due to the struggles of the Iraqi and Lebanese people. The regime's efforts and Suleimani's commute to both countries were to repair this shaking situation.

Soleimani was supposed to provide the militias in the region with the experiences of their brutal suppression on various campaigns and uprisings in Iran - the latest of which on November 2019 – to smash down the people’s struggle. He announced shamelessly in Iraq that ‘’if it was up to us, we would be ending the demonstrations in 3 days’’! This means, to shoot and kill people and send tens of thousands to prisons.

Aims of the US Imperialism in the Middle East:

The Middle East has always been of particular importance to US imperialism. For the past century, by controlling the Middle East and its energy resources, through all kinds of bloody repression, coups, and so on, the US has tried to control the world. With their militarily invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, one of the most heinous crimes against humanity in world history took place. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and millions were displaced. The only crime for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq was to be in one of the most strategically important areas of the world. The US-based fascist regime intends to use various tactics in the region, including the deliberate withdrawal of its troops from Syrian Kurdistan, sending warships and bombers to the Persian Gulf under the name of protecting the waters, political assassinations such as killing Suleimani and ... to advance the new order - that is, more exclusive control of the world itself. While killing Suleimani, is set to strengthen Trump's shaky position to keep him at the top of the fascist pyramid in the United States.

The situation in the region is extremely critical and any action could spread the flames of war not only in Iran but throughout the Middle East. If any reactionary war takes place, it will be against the masses of people in the Middle East and its main victims will be the oppressed people, especially women and children. US imperialism is the greatest enemy of humanity, the main cause of mass killing, not only in the Middle East but throughout the world.

It is an undeniable fact, that it was the aggression and military occupation of the US imperialism and its leadership, with all the brutal bombardment of the people and waging proxy wars that prepared the grounds of the Middle East for the emergence of the extremely reactionary Islamic fundamentalist forces.

The conflict between Islamic regime and US, with its intensity and severity, has nothing to do with the interests of the people in Iran, Iraq and so on. Any tendency toward either the Islamic regime or US imperialists would mean the strengthening of both rotten reactionaries. The precise and clear-cut demarcation against both of them and all the pro-Western forces, is one of the clear duties of all forces, activists and organizations that defend the oppressed and their interests.

The task of the revolutionary forces in the present critical situation is to expose the aims and policies of the Islamic regime and the fascist US imperialism, and organize the people to revolutionary overthrow the Islamic regime and cut all imperialists’ hands (especially the US) off Iran and the whole region.


8 March Women’s Organization (Iran- Afghanistan)

9 January 2020