International Call 8march2020

International Call:

On March 8, The International Women's day,

The day of struggle to serve fulfill our dream for Freedom and Emancipation!

The 8th march is approaching. Our day, the international day of unity and solidarity, the day that we stand against this patriarchal imperialist-capitalist system that has dominated the world, the day that we confront all the reactionaries who have imprisoned women and their bodies is approaching. The day that we fight to fulfill our dream freedom and emancipation is approaching. The day that could unite millions of women under the flag of breaking thousands years old chains of oppression of women.

Violence against women in a world scale is taking place in a horrifying dimension. Every second hundreds of women lose their lives due to a systematic violence against women all over the world. Given the currents situation, it is essential that women all over the world to organise themselves and build up a front of struggle and expand it. A front consists of conscious and organised women, a front that is against any form of violence against women, a front of struggle against all religious fundamentalists and backward forces in a world scale. We need this front to fight against warmongers, military invasions and occupations and to resist all the patriarchal capitalist-imperialist powers which through collaboration with Islamic and non-Islamic anti-women forces have expanded their hellish system across the world causing the death of tens of thousands or more and leaving millions of people in poverty, misery or removed from their home and country.

The fact is that today the women’s body all across the world, from developed and 'modern' imperialist countries to backward countries has been used as a sexual object. The women‘s struggle in Iran against compulsory hijab cannot be separated from the women’s movement against sexism in the west. Women’s' body has been possessed and used as a sexual object. Women’s' struggle in all corner of the world and their efforts to break free of this subjugation is an undeniable part of the broader women’s' movement across the world.

Let's take a close look at Iran, Iranian women after 41 years of struggle and resistance against the Islamic Republic now are in the frontlines of struggle to overthrow the Islamic republic of Iran one of the most anti-women’s regimes in the world. The women in Iran who took off their hijab in public, defying the Islamic regime laws targeted the heart of the theocratic regime and opened a new chapter in the struggle of women against the Islamic regime. The Women whose extend and depth of their hatred for the Islamic regime in the various uprisings was resonated in their outraged cries across Iran and the world.

We, the activists of the "campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iranon 8th March the international women’s day, want to be the voice of thousands of women who with courage and bravery are despising the death in various struggles against the Islamic Republic. We want to declare to all women and all progressive forces fighting for freedom  that the uncompromising contradiction of the majority of women with the Islamic Republic has ever more intensified, and the first step towards the liberation of women will only be possible by the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Strengthening this struggle by women's activists and women’s organizations and all progressive forces around the world will serve to advance the world’s women movement in tackling gender oppression.

On March 8, the International women’s day, we call on all activists, organizations who are supporting women's liberation and emancipation in other parts of the world to join us to express the voice of Iranian women, and by attaching your name below, give your support to our common struggle.

The campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran


London - England

Time: Saturday 7th of March 2020 at 12:00

Place: Oxford Street - Selfridges

The nearest tube station: Marble Arch


Bremen - Germany

Time: 8th of March 2020 at 13:00

Place: Gotheplaz, 28203 Bremen

The nearest train station: Theater am Goetheplatz


Brussel -Belgium


Time: 14:00 -17:30 on Sunday 8th March 2020,

Place: Place de la Monnaie, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

Contact number: 32486595617 +



Frankfurt - Germany


Time: 14:00 on Saturday 7th March 2020

Place: Kaisersack Frankfurt, Hauptbahnhof


Amsterdam - Holland

Time: Sunday 8th of March 2020 at 12:00

Place: Dam Square

The Place for gathering after the action: Crea, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 / Time: 16:00


Stockholm - Sweden


Time: 13:00 on Sunday 8th March 2020

Place: Sergelstorg Mot Norra Bantorget

Solidarity evening to commemorate International Women’s day:

Time : 17:00 Friday 6th March 2020

Place: Akselsbarge  Tb


Hannover - Germany


Time: 14:00 on Sunday 8th March 2020

Place: Am Hauptbahnhof  


To contact us with the following e-mail:


In Solidarity:

8 March Women’s Organization (Iran- Afghanistan)

Komala Socialist trend

Struggle For A World Without Borders (Afghanistan-Iran)

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