Let’s commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the international woman’s day in a march with women from Egypt, Tunisia, Afgha

Let’s commemorate hundredth anniversary of the international woman’s day:

 March with women from Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan, UK, Congo, Iraq, Italy, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Iran and…


It is a century that the women’s struggle against gender oppression has taken a new height globally!

It is a century that women have intensified their struggle against the state and domestic violence!

In a century of struggle women have achieved a lot in theory and practice of fighting against male chauvinism and inequality!

In the last century with the effort and persistence of millions the women’s movement has been born!

But the gender oppression against the women is still going on globally in various forms.

Women are sick and tired of the dominant patriarchy system in the world. The women’s situation in various countries may be different. But all suffer from discrimination. All are captive of the patriarchy of the world capitalist system.

Women in Afghanistan and Iran under the anti-women Islamic-Republics’ have been in the large women’s prisons and the women according to the law of these countries are considered as half of a man and are the slaves of slaves.

Today the women’s trade is one of the multi-billions businesses of the global capitalists in the western countries. The high rate of profit in this market has led the trade and sex exploitations of millions of young and teenage women to an incredible scale.        

The violence against women is inseparable from the dominant patriarchy system in the world. The stoning, rape, murdering, burning, beating and harassment of women by the male members of the family under the name of culture and honour, as well as genital mutilation, forced marriage are all different forms of violence and oppression against the women and is widespread all over the world from east to west. 

These as well as thousands of other kinds of oppressions are what the women are suffering from. The rage and hatred for the dominant patriarchal system in the world and the desire for a world without any kind of oppression and exploitation is the dynamic force for the women’s struggle. The condition for a world without the state and domestic violence and the laws according to the interests of the majority of the people in the world exists and we should fight to achieve that.  

8 March Women’s Organisation will commemorate the hundredth international women’s day along with ‘Million Women’s Rise’ and women from other parts of the world in a march through the central London. Join us so that to glorify this day in a way that it deserve with our struggle against a dominant patriarchal system.


Date and Time: Saturday 5 March 2011-   12:00 Noon

Assembly: Hyde Park – Speakers Corner, March to Trafalgar Square.


Nearest Underground Station: Marble Arch (Central Line)

8March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)


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