A call to protest Against the Visit of Trump, the fascist representative of capitalist-imperialist regime of USA to Brussels

A call to protest

Against the Visit of  Trump, the fascist representative of capitalist-imperialist regime of USA to Brussels


On May 24th and 25th, Donald Trump visits Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the EU, for the NATO summit.  In Brussels, Trump is going to strengthen the foundations of political and military unity of its fascist government with other NATO members. The future of military treaties and budgets and brutal war against the people of the world is going to be clarified.

The main guardian of capitalism and imperialism are going to find new ways to oppress and exploit the people. This visit is going to serve the advancement of fascist policies of Trump in US and all over the world. The cycles of oppression and exploitation, war, destruction, environmental degradation, sexism, religious intolerance, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, immigration, displacement, subjugation are going to be continued under the fascist regime of USA and the expanding ultra-right wing and fascist movements in Europe. 

Yes! All of this is because Trump represents the most backward rotten reactionary values and ideas and has concentrated all the nastiness of the system, and the rule of his government is a threat to the humanity and the planet. Today, the shadow of the threat of fascism is not only  above the USA but also all over the Europe and  the world.

That’s why we must break the silence!

We must go out to streets and join the stream of protests on May 24!


Why? Because we oppose the presence of Trump who believes women are nothing but objects of sex and child bearers, who blames the refugees of the imperialist wars as the cause of  present crisis of the world, and assumes the refugees and the victims of the capitalism as the surplus  population, he is against the science because it is an barrier to the growth of  superstition and religion, considers the oppression and exploitation as symbol of power and superiority, and has no fear to destruct the rest of the environment and the planet for the profit of the capital,  his promise for white/Christian supremacy targets millions of people  to be the victims of racism, xenophobia and hate-mongering, He is the one who doesn’t hesitate to lunch more wars and massacre and for making "the  America Great again"  is ready to push the Nuclear button.

There is no time to waste. We must move heaven and earth to halt the advancement of fascism, religious fundamentalism and any other reactionary forces that are threatening the future of humanity and the planet. Fighting against horrors of imperialists' capitalism is not separate from the struggle against fundamentalism: despite their quarrels, these two reactionary poles enforce each other.

We, the activist of the  " 8 March women organization", and "Youth Committee of Belgium", in solidarity with the campaign of “ No! In the name of humanity, We Refuse to accept a Fascist America” invite all political forces, parties, and organizations and individuals to join the protests so that we can strengthen our joint struggle against the fascist regime of Trump/Pence in solidarity with the people and revolutionary forces around the world.

Time: Wednesday, 24th May, at 17.00

Address: North Station, Brussels



8 March women’s organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)-Belgium

 Iranian Youth Committee of Belgium