March 8 International Women's Day against Gender Oppression!

March 8, International Women's Day against Gender Oppression!


March 8 the International Women's Day is approaching! The day that the women all over the world line up! The day of Rebellion!  The day of Unity and Solidarity of women!

The powerful presence of women on all fronts of the struggle against the oppressors in a world scale is so widespread and eye-catching that it has captivated the attention of the people all over the world. Women's struggles every year is broader and taking a more offensive posture than the previous year. The struggles of women in Mexico, Turkey, Germany, India, Poland, Argentina, Iran, etc. against the rotten relations of   patriarchy and male chauvinism have breathed new life into the world at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has taken the breath of many people away. The cry of the women for the change of the subjugated situation that they are trapped in is reverberating in a world scale. The enormous energy for such struggles originate from the rage and hate for an oppression that is striking hard on the back of billions of women. In one place, under the law based on Islamic Sharia that the whip leaves deep and lasting wounds on women, and in another place, under "modern" laws, it places the bodies of women up for auction in pornography. On the one hand, the whip of this oppression under the rule of Islamic fundamentalists stone women to death for falling in love, and on the other hand, under the influence of Christian fundamentalists, it deprives women of the right to abortion.  In one place, the whip of subjugation and subordination of women through Sharia law imports the "honour” killing into every family, and in another place, it burns women to death for defying the males patriarchal. On the one hand, they lash the delicate and small body of girl children with the whip of tradition and backwardness as they force them into marriage, and on the other hand, lash them with the genital mutilation. In order to present the women as a commodity to men in one place they cover them with Hijab and burqa by the force of blade and splashing acid on their face or detention and in other place they bare and display them naked.

The situation of women in various countries may be different but they all have something in common: they all are enslaved in patriarchal system that dominates the world. Women are slaves who, more than other oppressed, suffer from the total ugliness of this system. Slaves whose existence is for the pleasure of men. Slaves that are born to reproduce and provide labour in order to ensure the continuation of this exploitative system. Slaves whose bodies, minds, souls and minds are dominated by men. In this world, behind every oppressive man stands the ruling patriarchal capitalist system with political, ideological, cultural, military and legal power. Women suffer the most from the oppression of the system and so bear the most burden of the struggle against degenerated and vicious anti-woman aspects of the very same system.

That is the basis that the struggle of the women is continuing in a world scale.

The fight against sexual mutilation, against compulsory hijab, against woman- murdering whether in the name of "love and affection" or under the name of "honour", against the sex trade, rape, sexual harassment, restriction of the right to abortion and also against pornography, domestic violence, insults and humiliation, poverty and misery, against ...... all these show how eager women are to put an end to the ownership of their body by others.

These struggles are the expression of the great potential that women have and if that is imbued with revolutionary consciousness, can play an important role in building a future free of gender oppression and free from any oppression and exploitation.

Women need revolutionary awareness and organization to advance the struggle in such a direction. They need unity and solidarity with the women and people of the world. They need to cooperate with other progressive movements. They desperately need to separate their aimful line from the line of the variety of enemies who might conceal themselves under different masks and costume. This is how they can play a decisive role in raising the banner of freedom and emancipation of humanity.

8 March Women’s Organization (Iran- Afghanistan)