Woman, Revolution, Liberation!


We are celebrating 8th March, our international day at a time when women in Iran, with their strong and numerous presence and resilient slogans against the regime and by setting fire to the compulsory hijab all over the country have taken a leading role in the revolutionary uprising and have conquered the streets. They retook the very same streets that the Islamic Regime, in the past 44 years, through the anti-woman laws and repressive forces, had constantly tried to empty them of women. Women gave the streets a new life by displaying their power. The struggles of women in the streets have not only challenged the power and dominance of the patriarchal Islamic Regime, but have also inflicted a blow to the male domination.


What is important to emphasize here is that the necessity of "revolution" came out of the heart of the recent uprising as the only solution to deal with the entire system of oppression and exploitation of the Islamic Regime. There is no doubt that women and their couragouse struggles in adopting the solution of "revolution" in response to a long-standing and urgent necessity, played an important and decisive role.

In this crucial time, the time that men and women, especially the conscious forces, are fighting tooth and nail and paying with their blood and life for a real revolution, we are facing enemies who in our name- in the name of women are plotting against us. They are trying to use these struggles as a ladder to power for themselves and their class. These kind of groups and circles by forming reactionary alliances and with the support and service of their media have used all their power to rely on western imperialists and beg them for power through a ‘regime change’ and prevent the advancement and deepening of the people’s struggle to drain the revolution of its real contents as a whole and in particular limit the women’s demands.


We are celebrating 8th March, our international day at a time that the struggle of women in Afghanistan against Taliban, one the most anti-woman regimes in the world has becomes one of its characteristics.

Women who have stood up with determination and strength to fight against the Taliban a force that was gifted to the people of Afghanistan  by the US imperialists and other reactionaries in the region. Women who have become the voice of the oppressed in the scene of struggle with slogans such as "bread, work, freedom" are playing their vanguard role, has inspired women all over the world.


Womenʼs resistance and struggle shows that these struggles have deep roots in the society, especially among students and young women. The conscious women can pave the way for advancing of a broader and decisive struggle.


On March 8th, we celebrate the day of our struggle around the world so that by relying on the achievements of the glorious struggle of women in the recent uprising in Iran and the courageous struggle of women in Afghanistan, extend the support and international solidarity among our sisters who are fighting in the same trenches and for the same goal, such that we can prepare the ranks of our struggles for building the future, a future free from sexual, gender and class oppression.

Woman, Life, Freedom

Woman, Revolution, Liberation


8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

8 March 2023