No to execution! Stop executions in Iran!

These days, the repression and killing machine of the Islamic Republic has escalated to an extreme level. Only from 8 to 19 May 57 prisoners were executed with various charges. This is only the number that has been announced by the media, among them political prisoners, Baloch, Arab and Kurds.

In order to suppress the oppressed people of Baluchistan, the people who have made the continuation of people’s uprising possible because of their continued protest every Friday up to now, the Islamic Republic has made its gallows more numerous and more active. In addition to the death sentences that were carried out in recent days, dozens of other people are also on the death row.

Since the beginning of its rule, the Islamic regime has cling to the power based on bloody repression, but this time it has carried out large-scale executions to prevent the growing trend of womenʼs struggles against the compulsory hijab, to prevent the struggles of teachers and pensioners, to prevent the continuation of the struggles of the workers, to prevent the struggles of the mothers and families of the martyred and in another words, to deal with the continuation of the Masha’s(Jina) uprising. The Islamic regime has been also carrying out a vicious chemical attack on the girl’s school in parallel to these executions in order to punish the school girls for their important role in Masha’s (Jina) uprising.

But in the current situation, the situation that has been created as a result of the revolutionary struggles, these executions are not from a point of strength but from a point of weakness as the regime is so terrified by the scale of the struggles and its continuation. The Islamic Republic is in a deep economic and political crisis. The regime is struggling hard by suppressing the people and especially those from oppressed nationalities such as Balochistan and Kurdistan who played an important role in the revolutionary uprising, to come out of these crises.

These executions and the high security measures by the Islamic regime is aimed to display an atmosphere of repression and to display the killing machine in front of the desperate masses that, in the last eight months, mocked the death and stood up to a regime that is armed to the teeth. The people exposed the competence of this regime more than ever before.

At the same time when the number of executions is shocking, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations appoints the representative of the Islamic Republic Ali Bahraini as the head of this assembly for the year 2023. This is disgraceful and a clear insult to the masses of people in Iran that their most basic human rights has been violated by this regime for the last 44 years.

The only way to deal with the gallows of the Islamic Republic is to continue the struggle in a broad, persistent and aimful way.

While the western governments despite their noise against the Islamic regime are quietly helping the Islamic regime to stay in power, the Iranian people need the support of the masses all over the world and the masses of people in this country. They need your support to stop these executions. The justice and freedom lovers who have respect for the life of human kinds and the people who are fighting a barbaric regime should raise their voices and protest against these executions and the violation of the most basic rights of the people in Iran. Protest in any way possible to save the life of the people who are only fighting for their basic rights.  

8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

11 May - 1401/21