Since the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to power, killing and imprisoning its opposition has been a permanent feature of i

Condemn the Torture and Murder of Iranian people

Fight to free all political prisoners in Iran!

Since the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to power, killing and imprisoning its opposition has been a permanent feature of its existence. This summer marks the 22nd year of the anniversary of mass murder of the political prisoners in Iran. Khomeini then the spiritual leader of the Islamic republic ordered the murder of all political prisoners, mostly the activists and supporters of the revolutionary and communist organisations, who insisted on their political positions and were not prepared to denounce their organisations. As a result tens of thousands of the political prisoners were executed after a few minutes of so called trail.

The People’s upsurge in Iran and the political crisis that started after the presidential election fraud was an angry reaction of the people that developed to a response to 30 years of oppression, deprivation and repression by a religious regime against women and different sections of oppressed people.

Since then Iran has been a battlefield between the people and the ruling power.

As the people’s struggle intensified the regime’s brutality and desperation escalated to its highest point. There are undeniable evidences of the harshest torture against those who were arrested since the people’s uprising started. There are undeniable evidence of those who were shot randomly, those who died in the custody under the torture, those young women and men who were raped by the interrogators and other thugs in the medieval prisons of the Islamic regime.

Then Islamic regime intensified its brutality against the university students. The students during the last academic year have been under pressure and the universities were repeatedly invaded by the security forces, Pasdaran (so called revolutionary Guards), Basijis and other regime’s thugs. The students were beaten, arrested, imprisoned and tortured and sentenced to long prisons many others were deprived of continuing their study for refusing to give in to a reactionary and anti-people regime.

Women were the first section of the masses to be targeted when the Islamic regime came to power. The compulsory wearing of the Hijab (the Islamic veil) and other forms of discrimination against women have been one of the daily tasks of the regime’s thugs over the last 30 years. Nonetheless, over the last 30 years,


Women have never stopped their struggle and the hatred of women for this system has accumulated. It is no surprises that we see such a large proportion of protestors are furious women.

Recent reports indicates that regime has intensified its policy of executing the political prisoners, the execution of five political prisoners in May shock the country and even the region. There are others in death row. Among the cases now a young woman, Zeinab Jalalian, accused of being a member of a Kurdish opposition group, and Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, accused of adultery. The Stoning of Sakineh was dropped under international pressure but she is still under the threat of being executed.

The imperialists’ powers have supported Sakineh and launched their own campaign, but this does not mean they are supporting the Iranian women or Iranian people’s struggle. They have used the Sakineh case to put pressure on the Islamic regime in order to pursue their own interests. The silence of these powers during the years that the Islamic republic was building it power by executing tens of thousands of political prisoners, oppressing the women and national minorities was deafening.  What is really needed is the support of the people in this country and all over the world.

There are still hundreds in the prisons under the savage tortures while their families have no news from them. They are threatened to be executed and disappeared by the Islamic regime.

 We call on all freedom loving people, all those disgusted by the discrimination against women, all those outraged by these brutalities give their support to the people’s struggle for freedom and equality and join the struggle to free the political prisoners in Iran.


 8 March Women’s Organization (IranAfghanistan)-UK

18 September 2010  /