The sad loss of Azar Darakhshan (Mehry Ali Malayeri)

A key figure of the Iranian communist and feminist movement died on the 26thof May 2012. Azar Darakhshan, member of the Communist Party of Iran (M-L-M) and one of the founders of the Organization of the Women of March 8th (Iran – Afghanistan) left us May 26th, 2012 at 3 am in the hospital Jean Jaurès de Paris after a long illness.

Azar who died  at the age of 52 years ,  worked all her  life for equality and social justice  in Iran and in the world. Azar was active in numerous battles for women's equality and emancipation .

She put a lot of energy  to confront liberal ideas including the cultural relativism stemming from  the « Islamic feminists » of Iran.

Azar had a well organised life, spending it mainly as a dedicated thinker and activist as she fought  for a better life for the world's oppressed.

Azar left us but  her valuable  writings , her many contribution to political debate will remain with us as we continue her struggle for social justice.

Organisation des femmes du 8 mars (Iran – Afghanistan) – Paris  

28 mai 2012