8 MARCH 2013:



Rape, gang rape, battle field rape, rape in prison, rape by intimates ,Wife beating, daughter killing, living in fear, acid, lapidating, safe houses, genital mutilation, virginity, honor killing, torn vagina, street harassment, unsafe hours, unsafe places, sex trade, prostitution, domestic violence, social violence, sexual harassment at work place, defamation, internet character assassination, pornography, Hejab, Bruka, honor, shame, discrimination, …


These words loaded with violence, hate, denigration and sheer cruelty reflects a part of social conditions of women. One can count these series of violence, despise and cruelty as part of “work conditions and work accidents” of this working and toiling strata of society. who carry out two thirds of worlds work, receives 10 percent of its resources and has only one percent of ownership.


One must ask: which one of the working social strata in history of humanity has been so ruthlessly violated, so systematically and in an all around way controlled by their masters, their lords and their bosses? Which one: the slaves, the peasants, the workers? Which one of those toiling social classes has been burdened by such a scale of “work accident”, personal and social denigration and hatred as women do? Which one has been under similar individual and social oppression as women are? Which of them have been criminalized and dished out punishments as women are in religious books, laws and vulgar talk of public and poetry of poets? Tell us: against which strata in society there is such a volume of hate mongering in religious preaching, in songs, in internet games and books? Against whom there is similar mainstream and “normal” culture of ruthless and denigrating lingo? Have you heard such a religious ruling as: beat your husband if he does not obey? Kill him if he muddies the honor of family, imprison him if he rebels, take away his children if he asks for divorce, and control his social behavior as he can corrupt the society and …


Enough is enough! The time of issuing statistics and complaints is over. It is not enough to repeat that:

70% of women in the world are victims of rape and violence -- mostly by their intimates

Violence takes more lives of women between 15 and 40 years old than war, road accidents, cancer, malaria all together

Every year 800,000 people are traded—mostly women

Every year 3000,000 girls in Africa are at risk of genital mutilation

And …


It is time to act! It is time to rebel!

For rebelling we have to know our enemies: in any cloak they are and whether they are native or world class enemies. For example in Iran the main enemy of women’s liberation is the Islamic Republic state that established and consolidated a reactionary theocracy through trampling upon women’s humanity and rights in an all around way. But Imperialist powers are also our enemies. They have launched an unending campaign of mass murder, torture and destruction in the Middle East under deceptive masks of “freedom” and “democracy”. Everywhere they have set foot they have created another “Islamic Republic”!


We need to unite worldwide: from Asia and Africa to Europe, Latin America, and North America. Our rebellion must be a worldwide rebellion because we are all under oppression of a single capitalist patriarchal system. Either we will all reach emancipation or nobody does. Women’s liberation is world liberation.

For rebelling we need a clear vision of a society that is worth living in by free human beings.

For rebelling we do not need to prove that women create “surplus value” nor do we need trade unions. For burning down the ugly society we are living in we need a revolutionary unity.

Revolution is not a dinner party. Our rebellion should strike fear in the hearts of the oppressors. Otherwise it is not a real rebellion. Revolutionary rebellion needs a disciplined and firm organization. It takes fighters who are conscious and fearless.


So let us stand up! Let we shake up the world! Let us get out of shadows and closets and gather our unlimited energy and creativity thundering against this oppressive and rotten world that we are living in. Let us turn defeats into stormy rebellions awakening the whole humanity from the long night of oppression and exploitation. Let us throw a light on the world. Only we can do this because all else feed on our bodies and work. Let us put our generous arms around the shoulders of oppressed and exploited humanity and help it to get up and dare to burn down this world of oppression and exploitation and build a new one in its place: a new society that women are not slaves for all, there are no wage slaves and nobody will rise on someone else’s fall. In that society even the thought of denigrating and trampling upon someone else will not have a chance to live.


So let us rise and make a shocking proclamation to the world:

I will break my chains

In such a frightening way

That no one would ever dare

To weave them again

Around a woman’s ankle or nobody’s neck


8 March Women Organisation (Iran-Afghanestan)


www.8mars.com / zan_dem_iran@hotmail.com