Burned Plan a show of desperate Islamic Regime of Iran!

 “Burned Plan”, a show of desperate Islamic Regime of Iran!

So called Iranian Regime’s documentary (“Burned Plan”) and the beating and arrest of ‘Ismail Bakhshi and Sepideh Ghalyian’, set off alarm bells for all conscious fighters and leaders of political and social movements. Just as The courageous disclosures of Ismail and Sepideh has set off alarm bells for the Islamic Regime. The voice of these two freedom seeker fighters is a sign of change in the minds of society and the spirit of the people.

Sepideh has righteously pointed at the Islamic regime: “we were just two, if you force the 5000 workers of the factory by torture to confess in front of camera, the fact that you are cruel and corrupt will still remain.”

The security forces and politicians of the Islamic Republic assume that they have made a "documentary" based on confessions. Comparing the scenes of "burned plan" with what appeared on television in the early 1980s, shows how great changes have been made in the relationship between rulers and subjects. Although the tyrannical and corrupt rulers still monopolize the official media, they have lost the public opinion. They do not have ideological domination of the 1980s. Young generations, women or men, working people, students…, do not believe in them or their propaganda.

But the goal of this "documentary" was not to break the morale of the angry spirit of the people watching it. This time they had a determined political goal: to distance the protesting and righteous masses from the frontline fighters, the courageous leaders who are concerned about all and not their own gain.

The "documentary" makers’ eyes of the Ministry of Intelligence are not just on workers and lower classes of the society; it is not just to keep people away from anti-capitalist ideas and alternatives. They also look out for the middle class and those of the higher class that are not fond of religious regime and its monopoly and tyranny. The "burned plan" also tells the pro-monarchists and pro-Western government oppositions and so on: Be careful and do not advertise the struggles of the workers and their activists in your media. These are communists! Our common enemy from the past and forever.

The "documented" message to middle class intellectuals and artists, who occasionally moan about the tyranny and corruption of the authorities and here and there stand against open tyranny, is: be careful! Do not support the revolutionists. They have a different route to yours. If you make a mistake, we teach you a lesson.

Therefore, we should not assume that the show of "burned plan" by itself will make the regime weaker, and the revolutionary forces need to just pick the fruits of this "gaffe" made by the Islamic Republic's security propaganda. Today, in particular, there must be an emergency struggle for the release of the arrestees of recent struggles and link it to the struggle to release all political and ideological prisoners and stop the persecution of fighters and protesters.

It is clear to everyone that over the past 40 years, women's militants and revolutionaries in prisons of the Islamic Republic have been subjected to torture and sexual and gender-based harassment because of being women and fighting. For this reason, the torture and sexual harassment of Sepideh Ghaliyan in prison was due to her being a female and courageous fighter. The ideology of the ruling Islamic fundamentalist has always been that it does not accept the intellectual and practical independence of the women in the struggle, and based on this, they have been stigmatizing her. What is evident in the "burnout plan" is the attack to workers' movement, to women’s role and courage in the struggle, to solidarity of the various classes in the anti-regime struggles, to being organised and to to revolutionaries and communists.

Building a world in which there is no prison, rests on developing a revolutionary awareness among the oppressed people towards the common roots of class, gender, national and religious oppression, and ... in society. In this way, the narrow line of sectarianism, not knowing the difference between the contradictions within the people, with the antagonistic contradictions of the people with the ruling powers, following the conspiracy and the divisions made by the regime and attacking the people forces despite any differences, and even any forms of Political deviations; does not serve to build a revolutionary movement aimed at overthrowing the Islamic Republic's regime. Be alert!

8 March Women Organisation (Iran- Afghanistan)

22 January, 2019