The interconnected chain of women's struggle and resistance around the world, will break down the systematic violence against women!

The interconnected chain of women's struggle and resistance around the world,

 will break down the systematic violence against women!


Women's struggle in Iran against forced veil, in India against social norms that enslave them, in US, Poland, Brazil against abortion rights, in Pakistan against honor killing, in Britain against beating , in Congo Against Sexual Abuse, in Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina … Against Rape, in Turkey Against Forced Marriage and… are an interconnected universal chain of women's struggle and resistance against a systematic violence, rooted in the world imperialist capitalist system.

Forty years ago, in Iran, the first attack by the new regime began by forcing them to wear Hijab. By forcing Hijab and approving all sorts of violent Islamic Sharia laws against women, the theocratic regime declared that it wanted to make women obedient and silent. But women did not remain silent against forced Hijab and other forms of violence. Forty years ago, tens of thousands of women took to the streets for six days against the compulsory Hijab, saying that they would not abide by a misogynist regime. Since that day, women have stood up to the regime with their struggle and resistance, with compulsory Hijab at the heart of these struggles.

What grounds for the leap in women's struggle against forced Hijab in recent years, is the brutal violence and repression that has been inflicted on women for 40 years. the flaming anger and hatred of women, now can be seen in their active role in every movement and struggle. Also, a large part of economic austerity is imposed on women. Gender oppression is a burden only on women, especially working and hard-working women.

The contradictions of the oppressive and exploitative system of the Islamic Republic which is deepening every day, has also deepened the hatred and disgust of the people. poverty of the majority is beyond imagination. The stress and tension from the brutal sanctions of the US imperialist is on the people who are in need of basic food. People have been outraged as a result of this which is reflected in all their struggles. Imprisonment, torture and forced confessions, intimidation, no longer work and the struggle continues in various forms.

In the current situation, the US imperialism, which is still trying to shape its new world order, has focused its policies in the Middle East as one of the main focuses of the world's contradictions. It wants to settle with Iran's position and task and change the balance of power in the region, in line with its strategy and interests. Putting pressure on the Islamic Republic, imposing sanctions, military threats and so on are in this direction. The crisis in Iran and the whole Middle East has given a more specific meaning to the threat and possibility of war with Iran. But at the same time the US fascists in power are trying to make the most of the absence of a revolutionary alternative in Iran, by propagating their affiliated reactionary groups and promote the illusion that by relying on Us forces, people can get rid of the Islamic Regime! The purpose of their so called "defending" the women’s struggle especially against forced veil, is to divert the path of women's struggles towards their interest by relying on their stooges.

The continuation of barbaric sanctions and any form of military intervention on Iran by Trump’s fascist regime, will creates catastrophes with women and children being the first victims. As a result, it is imperative that all disadvantaged and oppressed classes declare a precise boundary with all imperialists, especially US imperialism and condemn any interference in Iran in their struggles. By doing so, they will contribute to the necessary leaps and advancement of the radical women's movement and other movements towards revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran

25 November 2019