Stop Execution of the Political Prisoners in Iran!

Islamic regime of Iran is in a deep economic and political crisis. Internationally, its relationship with the imperialists particularly with the US has deteriorated. These crisis are taking place at a time when Corona pandemic is threatening the lives of literally millions of people. Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, hunger are the fate of the majority of poor and toilers in Iran. Added to such an explosive situation, the spread of the virus of patriarchal male chauvinism, concentrated and expressed itself in a barbaric form of violence against women, the Islamic regime has no other way but to continue with widespread and blood suppression to prevent its fall.

The gap between the poor and rich is rapidly widening. Nearly 50 percent of the population are living in absolute poverty. Tens of thousands, basically poor people have died due to Corona virus. Killing and mutilation of women is taking place in large numbers by the men of the family and the killers go free under the anti-women Islamic sharia laws.

In a society where women are imprisoned for not wearing compulsory Hijab over their head, in a society where sections of people overnights in graves, pit holes or rented roof tops, in a society where the Afghan’s refugees and immigrants are oppressed and their lives are in danger due to chauvinism of the ruling class, in a society where the activists are arrested and imprisoned, it is very likely that uprising would break out against Islamic regime of Iran in a scale much wider than the previous uprisings.

Islamic Regime knows well that they are on down the hill slope towards its overthrown. Therefore they are consciously preparing themselves to arrest, imprison, torture to forced confessions, execution and so on with the aim of intimidating people in order to prevent the eruption of uprisings and rebellion. That’s why they sentence protesters of last year’s uprising to death. The youth such as Mohammed Rajabi, Amir Hossein Moradi and Saeed Tamjidi are sentenced to death because taking part in the uprising against the regime. Prominent political protestors like Sepideh Gholiyan, is re-arrested, Zeinab Jalalian, Sohila Hejab and hundreds of other political prisoners are deliberately placed in a situation exposed to Corona virus. Hundreds of workers are arrested and sentenced to prison and lashes because they protested to demand their unpaid wages. Students, teachers and activists are arrested and imprisoned under various excuses.

Islamic regime by massacring a generation of revolutionaries in 1982, managed to create an atmosphere of terror and extend their rule but today’s situation is different, political prisoners are sending messages from prison, exposing the crime of the regime and calling upon people to continue their protests. With such a spirit, they have organised a conscious counter-attack against-the regime. This revolutionary spirit is a reflection of the objective situation which carries the potential of another uprising of toiling and oppressed people leading to a revolt for bringing down the Islamic regime of Iran.

Re- organising the revolutionary struggle for the destruction of the oppressive apparatus of the Islamic regime of Iran is linked to its revolutionary overthrow and this is the tasks of all revolutionary forces. Such a task can only be materialised through agitation of revolutionary and scientific ideas and with organising vast number of people from various classes and strata in various and relevant forms of struggles necessary to carry the struggle forward.

8 March Women’s Organization (Iran- Afghanistan)

18 July 2020 /