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Awarding the Honorary Doctor of Law Degree to Mohammad Khatami the Ex-President and One of the Heads of the Reactionary Islamic Regime of Iran for Trampling the Rights of the Iranian People!


Having the positions as president, Minister of Culture and Guidance, and many other positions in the last 27 years Khatami is responsible for depriving the women of Iran from their most basic rights under the Islamic Republic.


Under the presidency of Khatami tens of women were stoned to death, hundreds of students were arrested and tortured and tens of students, writers and intellectuals were murdered, the workers struggle for the right of trade union were oppressed and many of them were arrested and imprisoned and tens of newspapers and magazines were banned and many publishers and their staffs were arrested and imprisoned.

During the time when Khatami was the Minister of Culture and Guidance in summer 1989 thousands of political prisoners in the summary courts with Khomeini’s order and the cooperation of Khatami and many other of the top regime leaders were hanged and buried in mass graves without the knowledge of their families. During that time thousands of women were arrested and lashed, when they did not observe the Islamic code of Hejab and the faces of many women were ripped or burned when Hezbollah attacked them by razor blade or pouring acid over their faces.


In the recent years and months the struggle of the Iranian people and particularly the struggle of the women in Iran for overthrowing the anti-women regime of Islamic Republic have been intensified.  The women, workers, students and youth’s movements all have been engaging in a life or death struggle. There are flags that have been raised in order to ride over the waves of the people’s struggle and take over its control. The western imperialists are trying to intervene again and decide the destiny of the Iranian people and impose another reactionary leader as the opposition leader for the people of Iran.


From the other side, Mohammad Khatami is striving to find a way out for the Islamic Republic from its international isolation. Recently he was in US and gave speeches about “Democracy” and the “Human rights” and now he is in UK to be awarded the honorary Doctor of Law degree from St-Andrews College for trampling the rights of the people.


To award the honorary Doctor of Law degree to someone who has been trampling the women’s right for years is openly an insult to millions of Iranian women and their struggle for their rights and their equality. That means to endorse the suppression of the Iranian workers and approving the decree of execution of Kobra Rahman-Pour, Shala Jahed, Delaram Darabi, Malek Ghorbani and tens of women who are condemned to death according to the mediaeval Islamic laws and now are waiting in the death corridors to be stoned to death or hanged. In one word it is approving a system that its existence is inseparable from the suppression, execution, imprisonment, oppression and exploitation.

We Iranian women abroad in unity with the majority of the Iranian women condemn the British government and the authorities of St-Andrew College for this act.


We Appeal to the Progressive and Freedom Lovers (women and men!)


We as Iranian women resident in UK in support of the struggle of our sisters in Iran and as a continuation of that struggle, invite you all that in opposition to this vulgar show raise your voices of protest and make sure as many as possible hear this voices of protest. There are no doubts that you are also opposed to this vulgar show and will not tolerate it. Join us so that the voice of our protest and that of the women of Iran gets to the people of the world and the people in UK as loud as possible.


Join us in this street protest in order that once again to show that the oppressed in their march for building a new world with no oppression, no exploitation and no inequality are behind each other no matter their race, their colour or their sex, and nothing can harm a bit the chain of our unity.


Date of Protest:


Wednesday- 1St November 2006- at 4:30 pm.



Chatham House, 10 -St James Square, London SW1Y 4LE


Nearest Underground Station:  Green Park / Piccadilly Circus


 The 8 March Women’s Organization(Iranian - Afghanistan)


October 2006