We stand besides all the struggles and resistances of women’s against violence in any part of the world

We stand besides all the struggles and resistances of women’s against violence in any part of the world!

On the occasion of the international day of elimination of violence against women.

Another year of violence against women in a world scale is over!

Only a week ago Zhian a 21 year old woman from Kurdistan (Iraq) was killed by her father in Sweden because she had divorced her husband.

There are reports that Shahla Jahed, an Iranian woman accused of murder by Islamic Regime of Iran, will be executed in the coming days!

The stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani due to the extensive international protests was stopped but she will still be executed by hanging.

According to recent reports, there are at the moment 32 women in Evin prison in Iran waiting to be executed!

Every year there are thousands victims of honour killing in the world!

There are 9 million prostitutions in India that many of them have been kidnapped or traded from Bangladesh and Nepal!

In England every year there are 3 millions women victim of violence!

In the US every 2 minutes one woman is the victim of rape or sexual abuse!

In Congo in the last summer the armed men raped 300 women in 2 just months!

In Iran thousands of women are harassed by the security forces because of not complying with the Islamic code of cover!

The second most common cause of women's death in Finland is due to violence attacks of their


More than 80% of Afghani women are the victim of domestic violence, and thousands more are the victim of violence by the security forces and the Islamic fundamentalists!

Women’s trade has become a multimillion business in the world capital.

In only London 80,000 men purchase sex service weekly which adds up to 200 million pounds profit for those who run the market.

Violence against any woman is a reflection of violence against all the women in a world scale. The majority of women, experience the violence, degradation and suppression against themselves in a daily basis. The choice that a young girl has to escape poverty is either to sell her body or force herself into a loveless marriage with a man may be twice as her age.

Women can feel the taste of injustice as she is deprived of the right of custody of her children.

Another woman is sentenced to stoning because of expressing love for a man who she loves. And the other woman loses self confidence to go out due to fear of rape.

This is how the women have to pay the price for being a woman.

The violence against the women weather modern or traditional, openly or covert, domestic or social or by the state is carried out in a daily basis.

We will stand next to the struggles and resistances of all these women who are fighting against violence anywhere in the world! Our common language is the cry of our pain and our sorrow in order to declare that the violence against the women has no border.

We declare that we stand next to our Iraqis, Afghani, Palestinian, African, European, American … sisters and are determined to continue our march against state, social and domestic violence on women and will defend women’s right, until our victory and liberation from any kind of oppression and exploitation.

The struggles against the systematic violence against women in a daily basis can not be waged within the frame work of the international organisations who are linked with the powerful countries of the world.

The way to end the social, governmental and domestic violence is not going to come out of the votes of the representatives of the US congress or European parliament, the countries whose globalisation’s program and politic is the source of global violence.      

 The out of content expressions of ‘women and men equality’ which can only remains on the paper, can not eliminate the discriminations that women are continuously experiencing at home, in streets, at work or other places such as prison.

 The mean of our struggle is not to follow the policies of the ‘International organisations’ who continue to award various prizes to those who are praising or justifying the anti-women Islamic Republic of Iran.

The means of our struggle and resistance is our militant unity which is based on the consciousness for struggle against any form of state, social or domestic violence on women in any part of the world.

Our struggle is the guarantor of our liberation from any form of violence.

8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

 25 November 2010

www.8mars.com /  zan_dem_iran@hotmail.com