The hard working teacher who was teaching children of the poor in the Kurdistan villages was executed

Condemn the execution of political prisoners in Iran!


On the execution of 5 political prisoners on 9th May, by the criminal Islamic Republic of Iran!


Farzad Kamangar, the hard working teacher of the poor children of Kurdistan villages, was executed. Farzad was a teacher who felt responsible to teach his students the consciousness. He was wishing his young students to be the creators of a new society. When Farzad was in prison he wrote tens of letters to his students and received back hundreds from them.  He taught them the lessons of struggle against poverty and ignorance. He was teaching them lessons of sacrifice and necessity of struggle for realisation of a new society, a society free of women’s oppression, free of poverty and suffering, free of oppression and right-less-ness and free of exploitation.


Islamic Republic executed Shirin Alam-Houly a woman activist from Kurdistan to terrify thousands of brave women who had dared to go into the battle field to fight for liberation and equality. In fact in the system that in the last thirty one years has continuously used vicious execution to terrify the women and the people in general, being a woman and a Kurd are two potential crimes.


Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alam Houly, Ali Heidarian, Farhad Vakili and Mehdi Eslamian have joined thousands who have been executed by the Islamic Republic Regime in the last thirty one years so that the anti-woman Islamic Republic, the republic of oppression of the Kurds, Balouch, Arabs and other national minorities, the republic of exploitation of workers and toilers can turn Iran into the big prison of majority of the people.


Farhad Vakili, Ali Heidarian were also two other Kurdish activists, who along with Mehdi Eslamian were executed on Sunday early morning. They like thousands of fighters were aware of the necessity of giving their life for a new revolutionary society. Shirin Alam-Houly until the last moment did not accept to appear to a ‘television’ show as a condition for her freedom. She did not accept to disappoint thousands of the youth who have been fighting the Islamic regime in the course of the last year with thousands of hopes and aspirations.


Today we are sad and outraged. The sadness and rage that should be the bases of our struggle for overthrowing the Islamic republic and building a society in which the aspiration and hope of Farzad, Shirin, Farhad and … will be realised. A society in which no woman will be oppressed, no nation will be under oppression. A society in which the religion will no longer play a role in controlling the people’s life, no one will be arrested  for struggling against superstitious and ignorance and no student will be imprisoned, tortured and executed for defending the freedom and expressing scientific truth. No workers will be lashed out and imprisoned for celebrating 1st May and demanding the right to organisation.


There is no doubt that the days that the students of life and struggle would learn about Farzad Kamangar and his letters will come.


8th March Women’s organisation (Iran - Afghanistan)

9 May 2010