Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran:

Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran:

To harass and intimidate the People


Once again a new wave of executions in Iran by the Islamic Republic has taken its toll from political prisoners. In recent weeks tens of those arrested or imprisoned have been executed under cover of killing thieves, drug dealers and criminals. This has been the new forgery of a contempt regime to avoid the internal and international pressure but at the same time to continue to harass and intimidate the Iranian people.

Some of the cases have been exposed and has bared the viciousness and lies of the reactionary regime of the Islamic Republic.

The execution of two young brother Mohammad and Abdullah Fathi 27 and 28 who were in prison of Isfahan is an example. Mohammad and Abdullah were known in their area for their opposition to the Islamic regime and according to some reports they had actively taken part in the 2009 uprising in Iran and even according to the witnesses they had been arrested during that period.

Their execution outraged the people and those who had taken part in their funeral in Shahin Shahr a suburb of Isfahan chanted anti regime slogans and by singing the inspiring songs turned it into a protest against the Islamic regime of Iran.

The mother of those young men while continued to defy the authorities she said “if my sons died once the murderer, torturer, (Rahimi) the  Khamenei Parliament members, the head of justice are dying hundreds of time every day” because they are terrified by the people’s determination. She said “they will never see piece”.

The Islamic regime is becoming increasingly brutal towards the people and the political prisoners. The anniversary of 2009 uprising has added to its fear and so is suppressing madly any voice of opposition and is resorting to intimidation of the people and start murdering the political prisoners.

Every day there are reports of unknown prisoners executed falsely accused of crimes or those who have committed suicide or died of stroke and

On 11th June Haleh Sehabi was attacked by Pasdaran (Islamic Revolution Guards) when she attended her father’s funeral. She died on spot. Haleh Sehabi was a political prisoner who was temporary released to take part in her father’s funeral who had died a few days earlier. Ezatollah Sehabi her father was one of the main leaders of religious-nationalists that was part of the Islamic regime in the firs few month after the revolution. The regime had no shame to announce that Haleh had a heart problem and she died because of a heart attack. There is no end to the regime’s brutality or to its lies.

These are all the desperation of a contempt regime to suppress the people’s struggle and its oppositions who are fighting to end this oppression and exploitation.

In spite of some contradiction between the Islamic Regime of Iran and the imperialists’ powers on nuclear issues, the big powers have been mainly silence when the regime has been suppressing the people.

The silence of the big powers during the years that the Islamic republic was building its power by executing tens of thousand of political prisoners, oppressing the women and national minorities, was deafening.  What is really needed is the support of the masses of people in this country and all over the world.

There are still thousands in the prisons because of political reasons under the savage tortures while their families have no news from them. They are threatened to be executed or disappeared by the Islamic regime.

We call on all freedom loving people, all those disgusted by the discrimination against women, all those outraged by these brutalities give their support to the people’s struggle for freedom and equality and join the struggle to free the political prisoners in Iran.

8 March Women’s Organization (IranAfghanistan)-UK

19 June 2011

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