Violence against Women is Part of the Ruling Patriarchal System

Violence against Women is Part of the Ruling Patriarchal System!

On the occasion of the global day of Struggle against violence toward women


Everyday around the world millions of women are being under aggression and violence, compulsory marriage, economic deprivation, up to sexual mutilation ,  rape ,and honor killings.

Violence against women from birth to death which is perpetrated by the government, society and the family is a phenomenon that exists outside of geographical borders in different forms. Statistic shows that among every ten women, six have experienced physical violence or sexual assault. Violence is the main reason behind women’s death and their mutilations all around the world.


Different forms of violence within the immediate family, in the society and by the government against women are being used as a tool for the continuation and the reinforcement of obedience to men. And it is the most obvious symbols of power of the patriarchal class system in the world today. On a daily basis, the women are faced with all forms of violence on the street, in schools, in place of work and even at home where they are supposed to be secure, are also being endangered.


It has been more than thirty years that the reactionary Islamic Republic regime in Iran, relying on the most medieval Islamic anti women laws, has institutionalized repression and violence against women in an organized, legal and continuous manner. Against all these violent acts, the resistance and the struggles of women to end the violence that is committed by the government and at home ,also continues.


The chains of violence against women in Iran are linked together by the government, at home and in the society. The main link of this chain of violence is the government. Only with the overthrow of this fundamentalist Islamic Republic regime, it would be possible to put an end to this systematic repression.


When, women in Iran, on the streets, in the allies and at the private parties become assaulted and raped by a group of men, also the women who struggle for their freedom in Tahrir square become assaulted and raped by Muslim men and in Libya, after eight months of the people’s bloody struggle (with more than 70 thousands casualties), the declaration of the “new” government begins with violence against women by implementing the Islamic Sharia law as the “basic source” of all laws which allows polygamist (four wives to a man) relationship.


Although, violence against women is global and widespread phenomenon but, its manner and intensity, change in different societies. Violence in the imperialist countries is progressing by commercializing sex, pornographic movies, using women as sex commodity, lower wages than men, unemployment, and being expelled from work and in some cases banning abortions.


We must be conscious of the common denominator between the developed capitalist countries and the third world countries. In all of these societies, one way or the other, violence against women takes place in different forms along with degrading women, discrimination and social inequalities that are being imposed at different levels. The roots of all these miseries lies in the class system in which gender inequalities are part of the strategy of the global patriarchal system. Consequently, as the violence against women has become global, the resistance and the struggles of women have taken a global dimension too.


Let’s advance our struggles together, united against the patriarchal global capitalist system and to strive for the creation of an organization that can mobilize the women’s movement. Let’s take the revolutionary consciousness among the oppressed and deprived women and in this manner turn their hatred to a revolutionary force. We must learn from the experience of the women and their struggles all over the world and support them since, they have many things in common with us. In this manner, consciously and purposeful, we will be able to organize a united struggle against the global ruling patriarchal system in order to get rid of any source of violence against women. Our conscious unity and organized activism and struggle, creates and uprise the basis for the formation of a widespread revolutionary movement in every part of the world for the annihilation of the global patriarchal system, knowing that women’s victory and freedom from all sorts of violence, repression, unequal laws and exploitation is based on that.

8 March Women’s Organization (Iran-Afghanistan)


25 November 2011